Google’s work on its Self-Driving Car Technology – an Overview

Posted on Jan 17 2015 - 1:43pm by TechliveTech
Google’s Self-Driving Car Technology to get help from GM

Google’s Self-Driving Car Technology to get help from GM

Google seems to be working hard in getting its self-driving cars reach the roads by 2020. Google Inc is trying its best to have their driver-less vehicles get ready for production by 2020 and for this the company is in talks with some of the biggest automakers to jointly make this happen.

Google’s self-driving car  project’s director – Chris Urmson told Reuters of it being “remiss” to not indulge in talking with big manufacturers like General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler AG of the project and the involved potential partnerships.

On this regard, General Motors Co has also opened up to work with Google Inc to develop its self-driving car technology which was confirmed by the U.S. automaker’s chief technology officer. Jon Lauckner at the Detroit auto show interview said that GM is certainly open to have a discussion with Google.

Car makers like GM and many more are racing to have developed features in their cars to make them safer to drive which include drive themselves. As depicted by Lauckner, Google and any automaker teaming up would have to establish the way in which their relationship would work.

Google self-driving cars (Updated News here) were initially spotted in the regions of San Francisco and now the company’s focus is on Detroit. A number of the self-driving car technology prototype vehicles are getting developed at car maker’s Roush facility in Livonia, Mich. Detroit auto builders have started up with the production of the updated versions of the prototype self-driving cars that Google glimpsed last year.

As per reports, a team with more than hundreds is working on the project. It members are located both in Detroit (now) and Mountain View. And the Detroit staffs are noted to include both locals as well as relocated California Googlers.

As of now, for Google the cost involved in this project also seems to be problematic. According to Free Press report, the cost of one of the integral sensor parts required is about $70,000 and so there ought to be some more work done to make it a affordable project in all aspects.

Apart from this, there are no much details available but what is known is that the first lot of vehicles manufactured would get shipped to California this spring where Google is to test them. Google not interested to have its vehicles on snowy streets would test them in California, where permits for companies to test their driverless vehicles are offered. Once this is done, Google is to get about 150 vehicles in total. Though there seems to a decent number of political hurdles for the company to come over, Google is trying certainly to push forward with its Self Driving car technology project.

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  1. Romain October 12, 2015 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    There are reports of accidents about these cars. Testers claim that all Google’s self-driving car crashes were caused by humans…

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