Nokia HERE Maps Available For Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Posted on Sep 1 2014 - 1:44pm by techlive_admin
Nokia HERE Maps App Start Page

Nokia HERE Maps App Start Page

Nokia, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, has now released its Nokia HERE Maps App in the Google Play Store. Nokia has partnered with Samsung to provide its Nokia HERE Maps App and location tracker services to the Galaxy range of smartphones. Nokia and Samsung have entered into a licensing agreement for the HERE Maps service.


One application is called the Navigator, which offers turn-by-turn navigation and public transit routing details. The app provides a standalone experience as well as the ability to store map data locally on the device and the user can use it for offline navigation, directions, and search.

For getting navigation on your Samsung Gear S you have to pair it with the new app called HERE, which is currently only for the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone family of devices. Using the Nokia HERE app you can easily calculate the routes for walking after which you can send them to your Samsung smartwatch. From Samsung Galaxy App Store you can download the Nokia HERE Maps app.

Nokia HERE Map App has been launched on Android, and is currenlty now available for Samsung Galaxy range of phones

Nokia HERE Map App has been launched on Android, and is currenlty now available for Samsung Galaxy range of phones

Other Features Available For Samsung Galaxy Family Of Devices:

  • Offline Navigation, which is useful for turn-by-turn driving or walking guidance. You can use this without an Internet connection in more than a 100 countries;
  • You can download detailed maps for offline  usage on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones;
  • Public transport maps and directions for more than 750 cities in more than 40 countries, which is available without an Internet connection and you also get live traffic information for more than 40 countries.
Nokia HERE Maps App Services

Nokia HERE Maps App Services

The free Nokia HERE Maps App is not like the Google Maps App. The Nokia HERE Maps App will work when there is no Internet connection also just like Windows Phone. By using the Nokia HERE Maps App you can download an entire country’s region, the same as in TomTom. When compared to Google Maps navigation, it is faster because it is stored locally on your smartphone or tablet.

For getting GPS service on your smartphone or tablet you should have to pay for the Internet connection while using Google Maps, but for the Nokia HERE Maps App you will not incur those charges. When you search for your destination on the Nokia HERE Maps App, you will have options for public transport, walking or driving, with filtration. The Nokia HERE Maps App covers  around 200 countries. You have turn-by-turn navigation in about half of these countries.

Another feature is that the Nokia HERE Maps App will integrate with Glympse so you can share your location with your friends. When you track your location using the the Nokia HERE Maps App, you will be able to send it through Glympse to your friends.

Making the Nokia HERE Maps App available for Android is a big move from Nokia, and it delivers a compelling alternative to those who have been using the Internet to search Google Maps. Having full offline access is a very good option that is being provided by the Nokia HERE Maps Apps on Android devices.


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