Hexoskin – Hi-Tech Shirt To Track Activities

Posted on Oct 8 2014 - 5:52pm by Devesh
Hexoskin Hi-Tech Shirt Tracks Activities

Hexoskin Hi-Tech Shirt Tracks Activities

When people think about wearable tech, people generally think of Smartwatches, VR Headsets, Fitness Bands, and the likes. We previously brought you news about the the Xiaomi fitness tracker, Lechal: World’s First Interactive Haptic Footwear, How To Track Your Workouts in Real Time With Beast Sensor, Pavlok: The Wearable That Shocks You Into Forming Good Habits, Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch, Microsoft’s Smartwatch, and Google’s Android Wear.

These are just a few of the promising prospects that are gaining attention. If wearable tech interests you, then Canada-based Hexoskin should be in your sights. Hexoskin has created a bio-metric top or shirt, which allows people that exercise regularly to monitor and track activities.

The Hexoskin hi-tech shirt is equipped with many sensors and you can track more than 42,000 data points while you exercise. Hexoskin is equipped to collect detailed information regarding you and your activities.

The Hexoskin hi-tech shirt should also be able to track your sleep. Hexoskin would likely be targeting the athletics market. This will give athletes the ability to learn about their statistics and improve upon their performance. The hi-tech shirt will definitely require charging and has a USB cable to allow for that. You also will get an iOS or Android app according to your smartphone, which will help you analyze your stats and performance.

Wearables like the Hexoskin are not currently affordable. The Hexoskin hi-tech shirt is currently priced at $399. Hexoskin, at the moment, has made its hi-tech shirt only available in the US. You can head to the official website to get more details about the Hexoskin hi-tech shirt.

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