Home Ministry tells its officials to use Social Media, but with prudence

Posted on Dec 15 2014 - 2:06pm by TechliveTech
Home Ministry officials need to use Social Media but with care

Home Ministry officials need to use Social Media but with care

The present Indian government run by Narendra Modi is constantly encouraging its officials to use social media for broadcasting details about its programmes and policies but cautions them to be restraint with the level of cyber snooping threat.

The home ministry in its December 5 order has asked its officials to use social media but with caution. The order has also restricted the officials from using email service providers officially whose servers are located out of India.

A circular, with its copy in control with the IANS has requested its officials to take care of the below:

  • Officials are requested not to divulge “confidential information” while using social media.
  • Also they are instructed to identify themselves clearly on posting anything on the social media.
  • Their views should not be in a way representing official views unless allowed to do so.

Now the Indian government to engage public lot more with the government is rapidly using Social media networks. Publishing information, recruitment, generating awareness, policy making, education and many more are being posted in Social media by the government officials to have public aware of what the government is proceeding with. But something that needs to be taken care importantly is that most of the social media platforms are located outside India and do not abide to the Indian laws.

So denoting the above the circular states that it becomes very important in ensuring the laws are followed and also security provisions are all in place to meet up with the cyber space threat scenario happening currently. According to the circular, if any official work involves transmission of public records, then officials must make sure they use an e-mail identity that has its platform located within India and not anywhere outside India. To do so they might preferably get in touch with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) services.

Additionally the circular also reads that the directive should be taken to the notice of all concerned ministry officials with its implementation ensured.

It can be noted that it was from the past few years, government officials and departments have started taking up the social media path to process the sharing of information and policies. With Modi getting the power, he has been further pushing his officials to take up social media for government usage.

Most of Modi’s ministers have logged into Twitter, the micro-blogging site to have direct communication with the public. BJP leaders and ministers have got their personal accounts opened up on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on in which they post and share their photos with thoughts on it.

The fact is that once anything comes to social networking sites, then it is no more private. As told to IANS, though high security settings are used still anyone in the friends and family circle or websites might unintentionally leak information which might end up causing trouble.

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