Hover Camera – A Very Safe Foldable Flying Camera

Posted on Jul 28 2016 - 9:00am by Juwairia

Photography is about technology as much as it is about art. The Hover Camera by Zero Zero Robotics is an awesome gadget in the category that is instantly appealing. It’s a wonder in photography and robotics.

Hover Camera

Hover Camera as the name suggest is a floating camera. It can capture pictures from any angle they want. The camera looks like a drone. It is not the most attractive cam in the market. It resembles an old VHS tape. It is light weight and foldable. The body is made up of carbon fibre frame which is light in weight. There are four propelling fans used in this drone which are protected by fibre body structure. Hover Camera has a single button on the top that acts as the main control button to switch on and off the device.

Hover Camera self flying

To take photos, the user has to let the camera fly. Once the drone maintains its balance, it starts clicking pictures. Once finished, the user can simply grab the camera back. The fans of the cam do not hurt as they are safely nestled. The hover camera has been designed to be folded for easy storage.

Key Features of the Hover Camera

  • Very Safe to Use.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization.
  • Auto Follows.
  • Easy Panorama Shots.
  • Carbon Fibre Body.

Hover Camera has got many accolades from Engadget, Travel + Leisure and Bloomberg who all appreciated the protective nature of the drone.

Hover Camera

Other Features

Hover Camera is equipped with 13 MP camera which can take picture with high clarity. Video of 4K resolution can be recorded. Since the device is floating in the air taking a panorama shot with 360-degree angle is not a problem at all. With the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology, the hover cam automatically corrects shaky images for the perfect shots. To keep the drone stabilized, another downward camera of 3 MP and sonar has been used to avoid crashing in to the ground.

Hover Camera Folded


There are many floating cameras released this year. None are as protective as this pretty gadget. Its shielded body structure makes sure is a safe device. Zero Zero Robotics has planned to keep the price of their Hover Camera below $600 which is cheap, considering the materials used and its feature. If everything goes as planned, the beta version of Hover Camera is expected to see it hit markets this summer. Waitlist is open now.

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