HP with its Multi Jet Fusion technology gets into 3D printing

Posted on Oct 31 2014 - 1:38am by TechliveTech
HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology  put 3D printers

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology put 3D printers

One of the biggest computer and printer company, HP is all set to get into 3D printing finally. The company on Wednesday at a media event announced about its Multi Jet Fusion technology which is to power the new 3D manufacturing and commercial printers. Though the company confirms to take still more couple of years for it to get the product commercially available, the truth could possibly be that it is for sure to revolutionize the printing industry.

What would this HP 3D printers have in all?

According to HP, the new 3D printing technology based printers (industrial-style printers) are sure to work many times faster than the current 3D printers and would be more affordable printing stronger products than the ones produced by the current 3D printers available in the market. So with these improvements HP is sure in getting 3D printing adopted more widely than what it is today.

On further detailing the Multi Jet Fusion technology, it is understandable that this technology starts by having powdered material spread across a build area. Subsequently, using a high-resolution print bar a fusing agent is applied while for high definition, a detailing agent is applied. The first layer gets formed by the blending of these two separate agents.  Ultimately to get your printed product layer by layer, further rinsing and repeating of the process is required.

With this, HP to come away from the usage of thermoplastics (currently used) plans in getting new 3D printing materials developed using color, metal and ceramic. Also the company wants to have the same set of colors used already in traditional printing to be handled here as well. Currently, Multi Jet Fusion prints about 20 microns in fused nylon.

HP  plans in getting new 3D printing materials developed using color, metal and ceramic

HP plans in getting new 3D printing materials developed using color, metal and ceramic

HP claimed advantages of its 3D printers:

It shows HP’s confidence in saying that a product which normally takes about 83 hours to be produced by a normal current 3D printer can be printed in just three hours by the new Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers. And also these Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers are more detailed than the current existing printers that jet about 350 million drops per second at 21 micron precision.

HP also makes it clear that though this technology is targeted mainly on corporate clients it wants it to be still available for consumers via service bureaus.

Now the only drawback (as per now considered) is that anyone wanting to get this HP’s new 3D printer has to desperately wait till the second half of 2016, as this is the time scheduled by HP for its 3D printers to be made available officially. This, of course earns a lot of time for the company’s rivals to set up their game up.

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