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Posted on Aug 28 2016 - 8:34pm by Juwairia

The idea for HUDWAY Glass came from Alex’s professional hobby — rally racing. In rally, they have co-pilots for efficient navigation. The co – pilot keeps giving directions to the pilot. The pilot himself gets distracted by navigation monitors many a time, which is very risky because driving along a narrow forest track at 100 mph doesn’t even permit flipping the eyes.



This is applicable to regular drivers as well, who face the same distractions namely, rain, fog, reflection of the windshield, reading the directions in the phone and checking the speedometer. Looking away for even a second is highly unsafe. Safety while driving is vital for all. A study has shown that while driving and checking the navigation monitor, we get distracted for 300 feet over very mile. So, we drive blind for approximately 300 feet every mile. 22% of all auto accidents happen because of a driver multitasking and/or low visibility conditions — that is 750 deaths a day worldwide. Isn’t that appalling?

HUDWAY Glass - Working

HUDWAY Glass – Working

 Ivan Klabukov and Alex Ostanin, cousins from US, co-founder of HUDWAY gave a serious thought on safety of drivers while driving and how could they drive with minimal distraction. They have come up with HUD (Head – Up Display), a universal accessory turning your smartphone into HUD for any car. This is safer than the smart phone navigation. It is simple and affordable. Over million drivers have tried this app. It is being appreciated and also being reported for having saved many lives.

HUDWAY Glass is a simple accessory which turns your smart phone into a head-up display. It is not associated with any complaint regarding poor image formation on the wind shield, inappropriate image size, reflection during the day time ,double image etc.

HUDWAY Glass - Distraction free

HUDWAY Glass – Distraction free

It is very easy to use the HUDWAY Glass. Firstly, use a smart phone to start any app that supports HUD mode. Secondly, place your smart phone on the cradle with its display up and you are done. You are now ready to receive navigation information right on your windshield without any attention split. Now you need not look at the dashboard information or check directions on the phone. Keep your hands on the wheel and mind the driving. This ensures safety and comfort. The HUDWAY Glass has a ‘secret sauce’ i.e. its multi-layered glass. Its main purpose is to enhance the reflection property and preserve its transparency so that the view on the windshield is very clear and not obstructive.

HUDWAY Glass - Setup

HUDWAY Glass – Setup

There are two types of dashboard mounts provided – one compact and the adjustable owing to the different cars, variations in dashboard shapes and sizes, different seat positioning of different drivers and also the angle with which they look at the road. The mounts are provided with strong magnets that can firmly hold the cradle with the phone.

Soon the navigation systems being used today will be replaced with HUDWAY glasses for all the promising advantages and ‘safe-time’ driving for all kind of drivers all over the word. HUDWAY Glass has a long way to go.

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