iBackPack – Technology Packed Backpack for All

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Can you imagine, carrying the technology in the bag isn’t more any day dream? Yes, it’s true. iBackPack comes with incredible technology packed in a perfect way to make you feel better & comfortable all the times, technically. While speaking about the technology, the iBackPack comes with a bunch of techies as follows, Personal WiFi hotspot, GPS system, 4 USB ports, Bluetooth audio system, a car lighter recharger cord, Multiple battery banks, iOS/Android controller apps, Bluetooth proximity alert system, Anti-Theft alarm system, Solar panel recharging system, Wireless charging pad and much more.

Become A Wi-Fi Hotspot Anywhere & Anytime:

iBackPack – Technology Packed Backpack for All

Turn Wi-Fi Hotspot Anywhere & Anytime

The high technology enabled iBackPack provides you an incredible opportunity to create Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere & anytime appropriately. Most of the times, certain Public Wi-Fi services make you worry as well as congested for many reasons. Your iBackPack™ allows you and up to six friends or coworkers to connect to the internet via an ultra-fast 3G or 4G network. You can download music and movies, submit business documents, check your email, access social media, and more, at your ease. You can feel the VIP Wi-Fi access with the iBackPack, as it works exclusively for your at custom.

Select Desired Carrier from the Manifold:

Choosing a right carrier for your data services is really a breathtaking job, as you need to analyze the coverage, cost of the data and several other factors. That is why; the iBackPack is enabled to support multiple carriers to provide you an effective internet (Wi-Fi) services categorically. Interestingly, the iBackPack supports the internet services from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Time-Warner Cable and Others. This is also aimed to reduce your annual data pay for a reasonable amount, proposed to half of it.

iBackPack – Technology Packed Backpack for All

Choose Your Desired Carrier for Wi-Fi

Low Battery Alarm – No More!

The Battery is unquestionably the most important factor for any electronic devices make it run for a long time. The iBackPack team is building one of the most powerful battery system in the world, which is also the portable type. The powerbanks available with this iBackPack supports both the iOS & Android powered devices technically. Using this technology, you will no longer have to think about empty battery. I hope you understand how it feels when you have the Smartphones, Laptop and the Tablet devices, with full charges.

Superior Speaker System – Enjoy Music as Music:

Music, certainly one among the finest remedy for various situations of human. Everyone in these days has the power of enjoying the music through ear buds, but the feel you gain through the making others hear, your favorite is amazing! Be a DJ of your music through the iBackPack music system, which comes with the superior Bluetooth enabled speaker system. With the help of the integrated Bluetooth system, You can take turns playing songs from each other’s electronic device. The music system with the iBackPack comes with the precaution note stating that, “The amplifier is powerful enough to get you locked-up in jail – so keep it down & be careful.”

Safety First:

Losing any of our personal belongings certainly hurts a lot, sometimes it becomes worse, if it has any confidential data in it. Just imagine the feel of getting decent alert when your personal belonging, if isn’t at your distance! Yes, the iBackPack comes with such exceptional security alert systems. The Bluetooth enabled tracking system is coupled with the Proximity locator, which gives you the option of tracking & locating the iBackPack through various Bluetooth enabled devices in real time.

Interestingly, the iBackPack released a personal security mobile app, which gives you the complete access to the iBackPack system at your finger tip. Using the iBackPack mobile app, “you’ll get notifications if you accidentally leave your bag, informing you if it’s nearby. Get reminders not to leave your iBackPack™ before stepping off the train, or know that it’s nearing you while waiting on the sides of a baggage carousel in an airport”.

Effective GPS Tracking System:

iBackPack – Technology Packed Backpack for All

IBackPack Technology Never Lose Bag

We definitely value even the non living things, nevertheless our cared ones. The iBackPack certainly covers this department of the security area at its best and particular suits for the Children (Kids) protections. A built in GPS system with the iBackPack ensures your children’s safety, technically. The backpack comes with customizable options such as “SAFE” & “No Go” zones and you can take all safety measures of your kids accordingly.

Attractive Discounts Always:

Getting discounts (irrespective of its percentage) really makes us excited for a while, but the discounts are just the seasonal, which isn’t the same anymore. Yes, the iBackPack has certain reasonable group of bonding with several MNC’s, which provides exceptional discounts on any of the valuable 3rd party purchases. The 3rd parties saving offers are accessible such as Microsoft, Dropbox, Symantec, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Display Your Letter on the Bag:

iBackPack – Technology Packed Backpack for All

The Letterman Technology – Display Your Letter on the Bag

Finding your bag from the cluster is definitely a breathtaking move either at schools or even at the office. The iBackPack comes with the letterman technology, which enables you to display your favorite letter on the backpack with effective customization, say; you could have the suitable letters as school uniform.

Bottom Line:

iBackPack – Technology Packed Backpack for All

Price of iBackPack

Finally, the mobile app enabled iBackPack allows you “to monitor the safety of your children, protect yourself in dangerous situations, keep tabs on your employees, find your iBackPack™ at airport baggage claims, get deep discounts from restaurants, hotels, retail firms and much more.”

Please visit the iBackPack Official Website to know more

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