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Posted on Mar 1 2015 - 11:54am by Pavithra Manisha
Video Trim

YouTube Video Trim

          Here it is! YouTube’s Video trim option!What viewers have been looking to do for a long time now. When it comes to viewing videos on YouTube, everything about the sharing becomes a difficult. It seems like these troubles have begun to fade away.  It has gotten easier these days.  After a video has been shot the footage needs to be edited using a video-editing software. What is even more challenging is when the edits have to be made on a mobile phone rather than a laptop. There are a lot of apps that exist in the market today that simplifies the whole video sharing and editing process. But YouTube has come with a new feature to evade the process entirely.



 YouTube Video Trim Feature

          Uploading videos through YouTube Video Trim feature on Android is to become more simple and useful. The site has silently announced a new feature. The introduction of a video trimming tool. YouTube’s Android app now lets you trim videos through a built-in video trimming option. Earlier you had to trim using a video editing software and upload the video entirely. This marvellous YouTube video trim now saves you  the trouble and allows you to wisely cut off parts of the video that you don’t need.

YouTube Video Trim How it Works?

          When you begin uploading on YouTube, there will be a timeline of YouTube video trim with control points that enables you to set the beginning and end points of the video. The app precisely offers to trim contents from the frames exactly.  Once the beginning and end points have been selected your work is half done.  There is a preview that lets you see how the video will turn out. The in-line video preview is available before the upload of actual video.  The app gracefully trims those wobbling beginnings and ends for the videos using a tap to slide trimmer. Those with video editing experience will be able to relate easily. Although its a small feature that’s been added, it is a useful feature. There are also a lot of capture apps that are available at the stores. But users do not have the before hand advantage to uploading video to YouTube. However it isn’t remarkable to avoid noting that there are capture apps on Android that support trimming.

YouTube video trim

YouTube Video Trim- Timeline


YouTube App with in-line video trimming on Android Now

          The most recent version of the YouTube video trim app for android is available at the Play Store.  iOS does not have the feature as yet. It is expected to spread soon.  YouTube also shows off with its fast uploading app and is working  to make the app more secure. Currently this feature is limited. It is appreciable as the feature makes the task simple. One can easily clip videos directly from the existing videos. There is absolutely no need for third-party tools or applications to do the same task.

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