India gets offline video playback first from YouTube

Posted on Sep 17 2014 - 2:28am by TechliveTech
YouTube goes offline in India first

YouTube goes offline in India first

Good news for Indian YouTube fans. Something for a change happens now and then and it has now happened in India. Yes, India after getting the Android One first is getting another first, Google at an event after its Android One launch announced of its plan to make YouTube Offline – i.e users can download their favorite videos from YouTube to watch it later  offline without being charged for the data every time on watching the same video.

It is always the US which gets everything first but for now it has happened with India. This would happen in next few weeks where the Indian YouTube users would be able to download and save videos that they can re-watch later several times offline as required. This for sure is to make many users happy. Still in the country many phone users are unable to afford Internet main reason being it getting limited and expensive. But this move of Google to have YouTube offline is really a good thing for the Indian users.

India having huge market is something important for Google which in turn has shown its gratitude to the Indian users.Ceasar Sengupta, YouTube executive mentioned at the event that here in India YouTube is very popular where people keep watching videos repeatedly. This move of YouTube getting offline in next few weeks would really be helpful for Indian users where they can watch the videos anywhere anytime as they wish without paying for the data.

Also as reported by Medianama, this offer from YouTube does not get restricted to only music videos. Saving videos of any kind to their Android devices gets easier.

On analyzing on its advertising part, it is not clear of how Google is going to handle this. But Medianama guesses that this can also follow the same strategy like the Amazon’s Kindle offering – few ads get downloaded while the device is online and gets played later.

On considering this facility getting to other countries is still not clear. But speculations are that it should also happen soon.

For time being we Indian fans of YouTube can soon enjoy the bliss. Post in your thoughts and views on this to discuss further.

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