India surpass US in smartphone market by 2016: eMarketer

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Smartphone usage in India


 The use of smartphone is increasing tremendously in India.The growth is so obvious that India will surpass the US in smartphone usage. Research firm eMarketer said that “In the year 2016, India will be ranked in the second position globally in the usage of smartphone”.They also feel, that the main reason for the growth of smartphone user is the affordability of the device. In the emerging market, the smartphone devices are launched in much attractive price that will make India the second largest smartphone user surpassing the US in 2016.

The latest reports from eMarketer also reported that “By 2016, India will exceed 200 million smartphone users”. According to the reports, China will be in the leading position followed by India. US will be pushed to the third place. Followed by Russia and Japan in fourth and fifth place respectively

 The table shows the estimated user of smartphone users by 2016
China 624.7 million
India 204.1 million
US 198.5 million
Russia 65.1 million
Japan 61.2 million

In the year 2014, the smartphone users will be around 519.7 million in china in the leading position followed by the US reaching 165.3 million, India ranking third with nearly 123.3 million user, Japan with 50.8 users ranking fourth position and Russia ranking fifth with 49 million users. 

“By 2015, nearly a quarter of the population will start using the smartphones globally. By 2018 nearly 2.56 billion people will be using smartphones worldwide, in other words nearly one third of the population will be using smartphones globally” the report says.

The research firm is expecting a constant growth with the smartphone users. By 2016 beginning the active smartphone users will surpass 2 billion. In the end of 2015 the smartphone user will be around 1.92 billion worldwide. The research firm is also expecting a 12.6% of growth in 2016 where the estimated user will be nearly 2.16 billion globally. 

Last year the smartphone user reached 1 billion globally. As expected China was in the leading position with 431.6 million user. The US is second position with nearly 143.9 million user. India in the third position with 76 million user. Japan in the forth position with 40.5 million user and Russia in the fifth position with nearly 35.8 million user.

Previously, the customers had no access to the internet but after the launch of inexpensive smartphone the number of people using the internet has grown considerable. Thus it has Paved way to the marketing and the commerce field to grow with a high profit as the number of online shopping has increased. 

Different services like banking, travels, hotel are becoming more mobile- centric as the number of smartphone users are increasing.



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