Intel launches Sensing Platform to enable Mobility Healthcare Delivery

Posted on Nov 20 2014 - 2:16pm by TechliveTech
Intel to enable Mobility Healthcare Delivery launches Intel Sensing Platform

Intel to enable Mobility Healthcare Delivery launches Intel Sensing Platform

Intel Corporation, the world’s largest chipmaker has developed Intel Sensing Platform with which delivery of mobile-based healthcare can be achieved to masses.  

At the CeBIT India IT event held in Bangalore last week, the company’s Indian subsidiary showcased its Intel Sensing Platform. This platform developed specifically by the research and development centre of the US-based Intel’s Indian subsidiary caters to the needs of the Indian consumers as well as other developing markets. This indeed can also be used in creating applications needed for different consumer segments.

As reported by the Intel’s Indian subsidiary at the launch event of this Sensing Platform, this new chip is developed to allow doctors and hospitals to provide personal healthcare affordably to masses and for this it has combined mobility, hardware, cloud-based technology and analytics.

At the event, Kumud Srinivasan, Intel India president was cited stating that the power of chip technology is being harnessed to create a paradigm shift in the way how businesses, people and government agencies along with lot of connected and smart devices work.

Srinivasan adding up stated that this new Sensing platform being an affordable solution also becomes more perceptive, immersive and social in enriching people’s lives with enhanced user productivity and experience. He also pointed out that this sensing platform with their frugal and local innovations is definite to help in creating facilitating technologies for the Digital India government plans that includes e-governance, infrastructure, utilities and empowerment of citizens.

In India technology usage

  • is gearing up and entering new areas
  • and to serve local needs it is getting marked by acceleration in digital literacy and intellectual property creation
  • is into mobile penetration and social entrepreneurship

At the event, the company along with this new Intel Sensing Platform also displayed its latest technology skills related to datacenter, mobility, modernization and IoT (Internet of Things).

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