Intel’s Compute Stick HDMI dongle is an Entire PC   

Posted on Jan 12 2015 - 3:33pm by TechliveTech
The Intel Compute Stick is a small-ish HDMI dongle with entire PC features

The Intel Compute Stick is a small-ish HDMI dongle with entire PC features

Intel focusing recently on small form computing factors has revealed one of the company’s smallest devices, the Compute Stick. This new miniature PC is a four-inch-long HDMI dongle, roughly the same size like that of Google Chromecast. Plugging in can be done with the HDMI port present and is claimed to be available with preinstalled Windows 8.1 or Linux providing full PC experience.

The Intel Compute Stick which is 4 inch long is a small-ish HDMI dongle with entire PC features at a cost of $149 (about Rs. 9,434) to be launched later this year with the date still not revealed.

Lets tour its Specs:

Though Intel did not give much details about the Compute Stick, inside it is a quad-core Bay Trail Atom processor (same like the once that power the present budget Windows tablets) coupled with 2 GB of RAM. With regards to storage, 32 GB onboard NAND storage is made available. Wireless communications are also made available with this dongle through Wi-Fi 802.11n support and Bluetooth standards. A microSD card slot and one full-sized USB port also come with the Compute Stick.

With TV this Intel Compute Stick can be used for light computing work

With TV this Intel Compute Stick can be used for light computing work

The power input is through a Micro-USB 2.0 B connector. All the other components are entangled within the dongle and the full-sized USB port is for accessories. A U shape dipole antenna of 30mm x 6.5mm x 2 mm dimension is available with the stick that also has 10W(5V/2A) adapter. The Stick gets a LED power status indicator and is 110.9mm x 38mm x 9.8 mm in dimension. 

There’s also another model of this Compute Stick to be launched at a cost of $89 (about Rs. 5,640) which is to run Linux and not Windows. It is to come with 1GB of RAM and storage capacity being 8GB.

In the views of Intel, this Compute Stick is to suit well for home users as well as for embedded applications and businesses. On using this with TV, light computing work could be done with also media playback, Web streaming, communications, and digital kiosks facility. This with TV also enables affordable thin-client installations and more of such features.

Other Intel Launches at the ongoing CES 2015:

Intel long with its Compute Stick has also revealed quit lot of interesting stuffs at the ongoing this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. A line of refreshed mini PCs were showcased under Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) project. These new models when compared with their Haswell predecessors seem to come with smaller bodies updated with fast M.2 SSDs. They are made to get power from a new low-power Broadwell U processor.  

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