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Posted on Sep 28 2015 - 8:15pm by Pavithra Manisha

Secure yourself online, at home or out and about. Access blocked TV shows. Block ads. Charges your phone. Wi-Fi Extender. This small, discrete box fits just right into your pocket.  Just as you connect to the InvizBox Go you are absolutely safe. You cannot be tracked or profiled by other people or government, companies and hackers. This box uses a VPN connection or a connection to Tor to fully protect your local network.

InvizBox Go

InvizBox Go

InvizBox Go

You can also connect to every WiFi enabled device that you have in your house to this box simultaneously to secure them. It is so easy to setup you can connect it like you would with the normal WiFi. This is also portable that you can carry it around while you are travelling and keep all of your devices safe from public networks.

InvizBox Go Privacy eased

InvizBox Go Privacy eased

Here are a list of things that you can do with the InvizBox Go:

  • Protect all your devices. This box protects all your home gadgets 24/7 when you are at home and also when you are out with absolutely no installation
  • Access content that you cannot reach, access your favourite TV, sports and media content you cant currently reach with the VPN service
  • Without the need of installing anything you can block ads
  • Portable devices and be recharged
  • WiFi network can be extended
  • Easy setup
  • Enhanced Tor experience for premium subscribers
  • Wherever possible to secure HTTPS the box elevates insecure HTTP
  • Tracking domain blocking in Windows 10 (optional)
  • Secure auto updates
  • Absolutely open source

With the InvizBox Go

  • Secure all your devices

You can connect multiple devices to just one InvizBox Go

  • Recharge your portable devices

Just plug the device into the USB port to the box and charge away. It will charge a mobile phone from empty to full or it be used to also increase the charge on the tablet.

  • Access Blocked content, freedom of choice

InvizBox Go gives you full access to the TV and sports and programming you otherwise have difficulty reaching. Watch all your favourite shows when content is blocked in areas that you are travelling.  This indeed makes the internet truly global. By using the global VPN service this box can be used absolutely anywhere.

  • Easy Setup
  1. Connect to Invizbox Go- simply connect your devices to the InvizBox Go
  2. Connect to WiFi- Then instruct InvizBox Go to connect to external Wifi.
  • Easy to use

The web interface of InvizBox Go is fully responsive and also easy to use. This is designed best in class with a responsive interface that changes you.

  • Enhanced Tor experience

The Tor gives you a guaranteed fast connection on the first with the Tor network.

  • Block ads

There is a list of known ad providers that the box has and it can optionally block those domains for all of your devices, removing unwanted ads. This list can also be updated automatically up to date so you don’t have to worry about new ad providers coming online. Once this feature is enabled ads will be blocked for every device connected.

  • Extend your WiFi

You can extend the range of your home Wifi network using this box.

  • Open Source

The software is fully open source. This allows the security experts to examine the code by ensuring the best security.

Price and Availability

It will most probably be available by February 2016.

In the box:

  • The simplest and easy to use UI.
  • Pluggable Transports in the form of obfs2/obfs3/scramblesuit to mask your Tor traffic.
  • GeoIP Configuration. Choose which countries you allow as exit nodes. Block the “Five Eyes”.
  • Prevent exploit of WebRTC IP disclosure vulnerability on Firefox and Chrome.
  • Real-time Stats and graphs.
  • Unique secure password per device.
  • Individually flashed and verified in Dublin to ensure Quality and Security.
  • Secure Shipping with tamper evident stickers.

It will be available in two tiers

Free €0/ month

Premium €4/month

Buy the InvizBox Go

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  1. Advaith October 1, 2015 at 12:02 pm - Reply

    It is an excellent gadget. Our systems are always in a vulnerable position. Security is of utmost importance for us and we must look for the ways to enhance it…

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    looking forward on this product..

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