iPad Air 2 images and Specs leaked

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iPad Air 2-Leaked Image

iPad Air 2-Leaked Image

The iPad Air 2, Apple’s much anticipated next-generation iPad might get released weeks away on October 16th at a new Apple Event, as per rumors. Not only is this, supporting the ongoing rumors regarding the iPad Air 2 are the leaks of its specs and design along with pictures.

With rumors pointing out on the October 16th Apple Event, along with the new iPad Air also expected to release are the 5K resolution Retina iMac, iPad mini 3, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, OS X Yosemite, Mac mini and more.

iPad Air 2 key details are leaked by a new report that is sure to interest buyers. iPad Air announced by Apple almost a year back though might not have the iPad Air 2 to be the final name but is the nickname used for it since 2014.

The massive iPad Air 2 leak is shared by “The Michael Report” which states to have got the details from sources at Apple. Though the report has not got any pictures to be published, is specific about Apple getting the new iPad Air produced. And ascii.jp leaks the comparison photos of the new iPad Air. Also the report along with the specs and design leaks lists out the supposedly display manufacturing companies of iPad Air 2 which includes Samsung, LG, GIS, TPK and Sharp.

With less than a week left for the massive Apple event to happen, the release of the specs and design of the iPad Air 2 is certain to make a real deal.


Apple gets its technique of ‘fully-laminated display’ in which both the Retina LCD and the cover glass gets fused in 1 layer. The technique which Apple uses in its iPhone models is even bought here in its new iPad Air tablet. This ultimately helps Apple in getting a thinner iPad Air 2 with a better looking display. 

Thickness compared iPad-Air-2-vs-iPad-Air

Thickness compared iPad-Air-2-vs-iPad-Air


The alleged iPad Air 2 dummy images leaked show that the new iPad Air 2 model will be more similar to that of its current generation iPad Air except with some minor twists. Though the current generation iPad Air model’s large bezels on the front is found in the new model  it finally ends up being about half a millimeter thinner than the iPad Air model. Thereby its body gets 7mm thickness, still thinner when compared with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Other modifications include it getting new bigger speaker grills; current model’s two rows of grills are merged to get this, similar to the new iPhone models. With this the new iPad Air 2 model will also lack mute or vibration keys in order to achieve its thinner body.  

Touch ID compared iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air

Touch ID compared iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air

Touch ID:

Finally Touch ID fingerprint sensor gets added by Apple to its iPad Air 2, as per the report. With this Touch ID feature the iPad Air 2 users can login to the device with their fingerprint rather than a passcode. The Touch ID rumored almost by last year is to support another feature as well on the iPad.     


Something big has been done to the iPad Air 2 cameras both on front and back expecting to have better iPad photos. The front camera gets improved with a front-facing FaceTime HD camera that could arrive with video recording of 720p resolution.

On the other hand the rear camera too gets a massive improvement where it from current 5-megapixels jumps to 8-megapixels. This is for sure to satisfy all the iPad users who rely on iPads than a camera to take photos.

Storage Options:

Like iPhone 6 storage options got changed by Apple, even the iPad Air 2 storage options are changed with it chopping off the 16 GB variant. Buyers might get iPad Air 2 with only 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options.




As per the report, below are the possible rumored specs of the iPad Air 2 which along with new features enabled makes the deivce.

  • Apple A8 processor powers the iPad Air 2.
  • Supporting rumors it gets 2GB RAM
  • Storage options are of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.
  • FaceTime HD camera
  • 8MP rear camera
  • Thickness of 7mm
  • Touch ID sensor
  • NFC
  • fully-laminated display

Apple Pay:

According to the report it is believed that iPad Air 2 also supports Apple Pay. If this turns out to be true than for sure NFC should be made available inside the iPad Air 2 that would ultimately enable its users to have it used at retailers instead of a credit card.

Apple at the event might not announce this feature. And also using this feature with the iPad might not be as easy as using it with the iPhone 6 but would be of interest for users who don’t have an iPhone.

Battery Life:

With regards to battery life, the report does not reveal anything about the iPad Air 2 getting increased battery life but Apple A8 processor being a more efficient used in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus should deliver longer battery life. Still it becomes impossible to guess on this.

Color Options:

The report also informs that Apple this year might go about releasing a gold iPad. iPad Air 2 getting released with new color options was also marked by BloomBerg. So with all this there might be three color options left for the new iPad Air 2 corresponding with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus but not with that of iPod touch color options.

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