iPhone 6’s Biggest Impacting New Feature can be the Reversible USB

Posted on Aug 19 2014 - 1:42pm by TechliveTech
Reversible USB - iPhone 6’s Biggest Impacting New Feature

Reversible USB – iPhone 6’s Biggest Impacting New Feature

There have been enough rumors about Apple’s iPhone 6 that is scheduled for September launch. At the special event of upcoming Apple’s product, people are more eagerly waiting to have a look at the bigger screen, but chances of more excitement can be on the new little feature, rumored reversible USB-to-Lightning cable that can have more impact on day to day life.

Anyone ever plugged a USB cable in the wrong way up into the computer port knows the actual struggle and this reversible USB feature of Apple’s iPhone 6 can really be good news if proved to be true as it would allow its users to plug in USB ports either way, no right or wrong side.

Reversible USB

Reversible USB

As per the leaks that are yet to be verified shows a USB connector with a Lightning cable that could be connected in any way. Earlier this week, Nowhereelse.fr showed out images that looked like a prototype version of this device which was later shown on the posting by Sonny Dickson(via MacRumors), Australian blogger who ahead of Apple’s product launches gets a reliable track record of its parts.

It is also reported that the existing Lightning connector can be plugged any way into an iPhone or iPad while the latest design will sport on both ends of the cable, the orientation flexibility.

Reversible USB - next-generation USB 3.1 connector

Reversible USB – next-generation USB 3.1 connector

Reversible USB is part of the next-generation USB 3.1 connector (called the Type-C) that is now ready for production. But the unclear part of the leaked images is that whether a shift for Lightning from USB 2 to USB 3 is represented. Also are these authentic Apple cables? This is also not clear.

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