Thinking of Buying an iPhone? Take a Look at What Android Enthusiasts Have to Say…

Posted on Apr 9 2016 - 12:53pm by Pavithra Manisha
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iPhone ! A lot of Android users invariably switch to Apple, Why is this happening? Is Apple doing something different? Read along and find out the reason for this trend.

Apple vs Android

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The Prestige factor associated with iPhone

The most alluring factor of an iPhone is the pride associated with owning one. Especially among girls, this trend is seamless.  It has almost become a fashion statement. The brand power of an iPhone can do a lot of things, that you can’t think of. This is the main reason, that marketing efforts are so important for Apple.

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Now Android flagship devices are gearing up and are becoming as fashionable as the iPhones. Competing head on with Apple, big companies are now manufacturing devices that are more appealing and also trend as a fashion statement rather than just being big in terms of specifications. This is very evident with the recently released Samsung Galaxy S7. With its sleek design and amazing looks, it is being compared to the iPhone 6S.

Android flagship

Android flagship (Img Src:

Most of the prevalent Android brands are focussing to manufacture fashionable devices and are also constantly working on improving their brand images. This is the main reason that Apple has done so well and is continuing to do. Android devices can also do good, if their brands perform just as well.

As per the Android community, the Android vs Apple fight is going to be dragging, in the sense that this is going to be a long-term battle.  A few experts feel that Android devices are better and are relying on the market to do things. They also feel that over time, Apple’s upward trend will recede. It all depends on the mind set and assumption that Apple can’t be beaten. That’s like letting Apple win.

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So in case you are thinking of buying an iPhone you need to ask yourself, is this brand image factor worth all that money? Think independently.

Do you own an iPhone? What do you say to someone who is thinking of switching to an iPhone ? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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