IRCTC Website Hack, User Data Leaked

Posted on May 7 2016 - 10:30pm by Devesh

IRCTC Website Hack, User Data Leaks


Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) website has been hacked.  Around about 10 million user data and account details have been stolen. The stolen data hack contains details such as date of birth, phone numbers, and other important customer details. This user data hack is being sold in CD format for a price of Rs. 15,000/- to people who are interested in this type of customer data.

An official of IRCTC confirmed that the data had been stolen. However, the IRCTC official did not comment on the hack. They are still committing to an investigation before confirming on the hack.

Government Stance on IRCTC Hack

The Maharashtra State Government confirmed that were able to identify the hackers that were allegedly selling the stolen data. The Indian Railway board has been also looking through the matter. They will take appropriate action to apprehend the people concerned in this hack and leak.

Media has been reporting that the IRCTC website was exposed. Railway officials have been denying this from their side. The IRCTC official has also confirmed that the Railway Board is trying to obtain a copy of data. This is being don’t to check the authenticity of the alleged user data. It will help the Railway Board to check if it belongs to IRCTC or not.

IRCTC Stance on Hack

The IRCTC official has said that their website has not been hacked. They are maintaining that user data has been stolen by some other means. If this is the case, then this would mean that an IRCTC employee or some IRCTC employees are involved. This is a major break of user privacy and user trust.

Conclusions of Hack on Privacy & User Trust

If this leaked user data belongs to IRCTC, many users will be left exposed. Many millions of users use IRCTC on a daily basis. This leaked user data contains AADHAR Card number, phone number(s), e-mail details, Credit/Debit Card details, PAN Card details, and other personal details. This is the type of user data that is fraudulently obtained to commit identity theft by thieves / hackers / crackers.

Currently, we are awaiting for further news with regards to any development in this matter. As soon as we receive any news, details and/or official report, we will update this section. Keep an eye on this post so that you will be updated as soon as any news about this hack becomes available.


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