The journey of Orion(spacecraft)

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Orion Spacecraft

Orion, NASA launched another spacecraft in the beginning of December 2014 which is a journey toward the space.Orion is a test flight and a technology developed by NASA. After a week’s transit the spacecraft has safely landed in Florida.The main aim behind the launch of Orion is to send astronauts further deep into the space.The scientists also feel that, one day Orion would be helpful to land into deeper destination like Mars.The scientist consider this journey as a trail and soon an effective journey towards Mars is expected .The Program Manager of Orion stated that the Orion was successful as expected. And also feels that this is the beginning and the best is yet to come. The scientist also feels that Orion is very capable flight. A better enhancement is under progress for the future launch.

In the history of past 40 years, Orion was the fastest flights. It traveled nearly 3,600 miles away from Earth in 4.5 hours. The returning of Orion was considered to be even faster than its journey towards Earth. The exact temperature of the spacecraft was nearly 4,000 Fahrenheit when it traveled from the Earth while the returning temperature was considered to be even hotter.

Orion back Home


Orion returned to pacific Ocean

After a week’s transit Orion returned to the Earth safely.The Orion splashed down into the Pacific Ocean.Thanks, to the technology and for its digital invention of camera otherwise it would have been difficult for common people like us to get a view about the spacecraft. While the spacecraft returned the surrounding of the spacecraft looked purple and really hot.

The other picture shows how it looked when the spacecraft was returning to the earth. And the drogue chutes was also clearly visible following the Orion, the spacecraft. The scientist feels this how it will look when man returns from the Mars in future.

The Radiation effects

There is a difference between the radiation in the Earth and the radiation in the space. In the Earth humans are protected from the radiation. But in the space there is no protection towards these radiations. The radiation that is produce in the space is very dangerous and cause serious damage to human. The threats start from immediate effect like vomiting, fatigue and lead to slow and serious damage like cancer. Thus manual protection is required.
Also, radiation sensors are fixed to sense the radiation. There is a temporary shield in the bay of the spacecraft to protect people from the radiation.

Future Plans

In 2020s

future plans


The next mission is expected to begin in mid of 2020s, sending astronauts to the Mars. The astronauts are expected to return in mid of 2030s. Thus,scientists feel Orion is considered to be the most successful story in the history of 40 years. Orion is the stepping stones towards the journey to Mars. The living space for the crew in the present Orion is 2.25 m3. Thus the living spsce for the crew should be increased for a longer mission. Different facilities like communication, exercise, and training will be available in the future spacecraft. Thus the living space will be increased approximately to 70.0m3 per member. 



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