The latest Gaming Monitor from Samsung has Curves and Quantum Dots!

Posted on Nov 22 2016 - 10:33am by Juwairia

Samsung has officially launched the breathtaking CFG70 gaming monitor that was first showcased back in August. This monitor brings quantum dot technology to the gaming monitors for the first time ever.

A Double Blind Test for Gamers

To truly see if the specs mean anything in real gaming experience, Samsung conducted a double blind study on gamers. In the study, several gamers rate choose the monitor they find the best. Check out the results in the video below.

As you must have seen above, the ultra-fast 1ms response time, quantum dots and a curved screen make the Samsung monitor astonishingly clearer than its counterparts.

The Detailed Features of the Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor

The CFG70 is a 1800R curved VA panel. It has a 178 degree ultra wide viewing angle with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The monitor comes with factory calibrated preset game modes to change the contrast ratio, gamma levels and sharpness. The ranges vary from RPG to FPS. The monitor has a stylish on screen menu for utility. As a nice addition touch, Samsung has also added a Flicker free technology and an Eye Saver Mode to eliminate the pesky blue light that your normal monitors emit to throw off your sleep cycle.


The curved structure

It’s not just the monitor that catches your attention. The stand used for mounting is awesome in its own big way. Instead of a glide and click mechanism, a ball and joint structure has been added. This set up can be seamlessly adjusted, swivelled, heightened, pivoted and tilted according to preferences. Another special touch, an interactive LED ‘Arena Lighting,’ pulses in sync with the audio for an exciting gaming experience. On the back, you will be getting two HDMI ports and a Display Port. The monitor comes in two sizes – 24 inches and 27 inches.

What is so exciting about this Samsung Monitor?

Quantum dot technology has been basically used to deliver an increased brightness while achieving a better colour accuracy and higher colour saturation. This tech uses tiny particles that are a few nanometres long. The tiny particles filter the light to emulate a wider range of colours. Samsung and its rivals have already started utilizing this tech in televisions, but the CFG70 is the first ever gaming monitor in the world to come equipped with such clarity.


The right mix of the best features

Salient Features of the Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor

This newest member of the Samsung family boasts a 3000:1 contrast ratio, making those blacks deep, dark and enchanting. It also has colours across the 125 percent sRGB spectrum. The refresh rate is 144Hz and can be set to 60Hz too. Samsung has used the AMD FreeSync technology in this monitor that syncs the screen refresh rate with the game’s frame rate to minimize screen tearing and input lags. Also, the monitor has been programmed to refresh pictures by dividing the display up into quarters, unlike all others that refresh totally. A revolutionary new motion blur reduction technology is also one of the main highlights here, thanks to its 1ms response time.

Pretty exciting, right?

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