Latest MediaTek 64bit Processor MT8163 and MT8735 SoC

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MediaTek the powerful contestant in the mobile processor stuffs, has certainly taken the mobile world by storm through unveiling impressive and mid range Smartphone processors in recent years. Though Qualcomm has been leading the industry, most of their processors are highly utilized by the flagship mobiles and other high end mobiles for sure. While coming to the budget friendly or mid range devices, MediaTek has been the rocking the sector. Millions of budget Smartphone’s in the era have been powered by the MediaTek processors with various features. They have also powered the recently launched HTC flagship device none other than, HTC One M9+ and along with several related mobiles of 2015.

MediaTek Announced Couple of 64bit Processors:

Latest MediaTek 64bit Processor MT8163 and MT8735 SoC

New Processors Unveiled by MediaTek in Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Every electronics fair or event has been grasping the attention of both the users as well as the manufacturers. It is especially because; this kind of electronics meet provides a better platform for the manufacturer to display their product, whereas the consumer gets the latest news about their anticipated products. In the same manner, MediaTek announced the details about its future 64 bit SoC at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015. Yes, the MT8163 and MT8735 will be the next generation MediaTek 64bit processor.

MediaTek 64bit processor: Designed for Tablets:

Yes, certainly the latest MediaTek 64bit processor is exclusively designed for the tablet devices. MediaTek claims that, this newbie processor will be the perfect solution for the next generation tablet devices with great performance and multimedia features indeed.

MediaTek 64bit processor: MT8163 – Wi-Fi Solutions:

This new MediaTek 64bit processor are exclusively designed for tablets which are in require of great performances with its Wi-Fi connectivity. The Antutu score of the upcoming MT8163 MediaTek 64bit processors records about 30,000. This is a great evidence of MediaTek’s improvement in the processor sector. Also, this processor supports Full HD screen with 60Hz and standard HD display with 120Hz indeed. Interestingly, it is ready with the Android Lollipop OS and certified with the H.265 (HEVC) hardware decoding techniques. Some of the standard connectivity integrations made by this processor are 5GHz Dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and effective navigational GPS indeed.

Latest MediaTek 64bit Processor MT8163 and MT8735 SoC

Latest MediaTek 64bit Processors 2015

MediaTek 64bit processor: MT8735 – 4G LTE Ready:

The competition among the 4G LTE Smartphone is very high whilst the tablet sector is yet to boon. This recently launched MediaTek 64bit processor, MT8735 has been made for the 4G LTE connectivity exclusively for the tablet products. MediaTek claims, this MT8735 have been performing 20% faster than many of its real time competitors by utilizing 10% less power than them. Hope you know the power consumption is one of the major factors that affect the system battery. Apart from supporting the LTE connectivity, some of the leading industry multimedia gestures are enabled with this processor. It supports MediaTek MiraVision for the excellent DTV visual experience.

The inclusion of high end camera with PIP/VIV functionalities becomes simpler with this MediaTek 64bit processor.

Bottom Line of Latest MediaTek 64bit Processor:

MediaTek keen in manufacturing the low cost processor with ample of future ready features. Some of the impressive features enabled with these processors are Dual Band Wi-Fi support, Full HD & HD Screen support, Android Lollipop along with 4G Ready chips. The inclusion of these two new MediaTek 64bit processors such as, MT8163 & MT8735 will certainly boost some of the budget tablet maker in the industry. Let’s wait for the future tablets with these processors in the market.

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