Latest USB 3.1 Product to Launch at CES 2015 by ADATA

Posted on Dec 29 2014 - 7:05pm by Techie Gen

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – an International technological event show for renovating consumer electronics products from major brands in the world. This meeting is organized annually by international industry professionals. This is not a Public Show as well. We are impending march on the CES 2015 planned to take place in Las Vegas in the month of January 2015. There is plenty of rival competition have already been set by various global manufacturers. Some of the notable competitions are Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 Note with G-pen indeed. Another brand new technology is going to be unveiled with this CES 2015 by a Taiwanese based electronics maker none other than ADATA.

ADATA Unveiling World’s First USB 3.1 Device in CES 2015:


The ADATA is a remarkable Taiwan manufacturer for the products like SSD, RAM, USB and other External storage services. The world’s first in class Type C OTG (On The Go) technology based USB 3.1 device is going to be unveiled at the CES 2015 by ADATA. The main advantage of this C OTG USB 3.1 is that its transmission speed. This has the capacity of transmitting the data up to 10GB/s. While coming to the technical aspects of this Type C USB 3.1 OTG device, it is highly focused on the latest RAM DDR4 ADATA XPG Z1. The Quad Channel configuration 4*8GB with the maximum frequency of operation at 3200MHz along with the aluminum cooling system makes it impressive with high tech features.

This device by ADATA is announced back in July 2013 with the promise of delivering the maximum speed of 10GB/s transmission. This is just twice the speed of services obtainable with Intel’s Thunderbolt device at USB 3.0 technology for sure. This device with USB 3.1 technology doesn’t end up in draining high power as it is effectively working with 10W. The latest device by ADATA has also possessed with backward compatibilities.


Yet there is no official confirmation about the varieties of devices going to be unveiled in terms of storage capacity. We can definitely expect in the range of 128GB to 1TB of storage capacity with this upcoming ADATA USB 3.1 device. Also the officials say that, the latest device will be coming with the advanced security level including the Bluetooth pairing. This USB 3.1 device allows you to connect with your Smartphone Bluetooth indeed.

Both advanced mobile and desktop audience can make the most of this ADATA USB 3.1 device as per their requirements. Many technological experts say that, this ADATA powered USB 3.1 OTG would definitely be a trend setter to kill the old day desktop categorically. It will definitely be fascinating to get the same in the market for sure. Let us wait and watch it in action.

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