LeEco Super3 TV – Super Sales of the Year!

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 5:12pm by Juwairia

LeEco, a new Chinese based company, has released a new model of TV – the LeEco Super3 TV, in the Indian market. It is selling online and is currently the topper in the TV segment.

LeEco Super3 TV - TV Menu

LeEco Super3 – TV Menu

LeEco Super3 TV

The LeEco Super3 TV is categorized into two models based on the screen size of the TV. The LeEco Super3 X55 has 55 inches screen. The LeEco Super3 X65 has 65 inch screen. The LeEco Super3 TV can be labelled as eco-friendly because the material used to create LeEco Super3 TV doesn’t have materials like chromium and lead which is hazardous to environment. This Super TV comes with a stylish yoga stand that gives extra cool look to the TV. The Yoga stand is completely free.

Key Features

  • UI Has Been Made Very Easy In Super3 TV
  • 4K Video Available
  • 178-Degree Wide Angle View
  • 2 Years Subscription Of Super TV Cloud
LeEco Super3 TV - TV Manager

LeEco Super3 – TV Manager

Other Features

Main feature of the LeEco Super3 TV is the picture quality it produces. With the help of A+ IPS panel and 14 core display technology, the LeEco Super3 TV gives a crystal clear picture experience to the user. To make the colour more alive and vivid, 85% NTFC colour gamut has been used in this model.

LeEco uses powerful quad core Cortex A17 CPU coupled with 2GB DDR3 RAM to power the system and give a powerful experience to the user. Also, a quad core GPU and 4K decoder are used to produce high quality video output in LeEco Super3 TV. With the help of MACE PRO4 image processor and MEMC image compressor each frame is analysed and perfect output is given. The Super3 TV runs on Android Operating System and uses UI5.5 which allows the user to customize their UI according to their preferences.

LeEco Super3 TV Remote

LeEco TV Remote


Brand names speak volumes in the Indian Market. Though being a newcomer, LeEco has bravely launched the Super3 TVs in Indian market. The price of LeEco Super3 X55 – 55 inch screen is Rs 59,790. The LeEco Super3 X65 – 65 inch screen is available at Rs 99,790. With its features, the LeEco Super3 is a solid competitor to all the leading home appliance brands. The success of LeEco Super3 TV can be confirmed by the record created by LeEco by selling more than 1200 units of LeEco Super3 in just 3 days from launch.

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