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Gone are those days, when we had to eagerly wait for the film to be washed and photos printed. In those dark rooms, where our lovely treasured moments were taking shape are obsolete now. However there still exist a few people who love hard copies of photographs and like them to be printed on-the-go. It’s for these that the German based camera maker Leica launched the instant film camera – the  Leica Sofort.

Leica Sofort

Leica Sofort

The Leica Sofort will be showcased in the Photokina 2016 in the coming weeks. Priced at $299 the Leica Sofort falls inline with other budget cameras. Other counterparts start as low as $149. The instant camera will be available in three colours- Mint, orange and white. There also happen to be a bunch of accessories that go with the camera and are available at additional costs. additional costs.

Key Features of the Leica Sofort

  • Sofort features 60mm (34mm equivalent) lens with a maximum aperture of f/12.7
  • Coupled with an integrated flash module
  • The instant camera has eight operation modes to select from – Automatic, Selfie, People & Party, Action & Sport, Bulb, Macro, Self-Timer, and Double Exposure
  • There is a ‘Selfie’ mode especially for people who love taking selfies but out of their smartphone practice.
  • The Sofort accepts B&W, colour instant film packs that are easily available in the market for somewhere around $14 to $18

Pair the Sofort with colourful accessories

Sofort will ship along with three different instant film pack options – a colour film pack with 10 exposures, a colour film double pack with 20 exposures, and a monochrome film pack with 10 exposures. Fortunately, you can also use Fujifilm’s Instax Mini film packs. Leica offers a range of camera carrying straps in white, orange, mint and black colours, and soft carrying cases in brown or black colours. There is also a Sofort Photo Presenter that can present the photographs out of the camera in addition to Sofort Postcards (3-packs) with support to affix pictures, and a Sofort Photo Album. The list does not end here, you can also get the Sofort Storage Boxes, which will be offered in sets of three with the colour combinations of white & black, orange & black, and mint & black.

Get heard. Want to get your hands on one of those Soforts? Take a look at it here. Let us know in comments your first impressions.


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