Lenovo and Motorola join hands to bring up the condition of Lenovo

Posted on Aug 20 2015 - 12:19am by Aparna

Lenovo has always been in news for its latest gadgets and inventions which have attracted the customers for a long time. At the same time, Motorola is being launched recently which has been in news for being a new company scaling great heights of success. To add to this, recently Lenovo came with a new idea this year related to its PC and smartphones manufactured by it. With increasing competition, most of the companies are keen on bringing certain changes which are going to help them in making their business successful.

Lenovo Motorola


In its bid to keep up with the changes going on in the market, Lenovo has decided to lay off approximately 10 per cent of the employees from its non-manufacturing sector. This has come as a huge shock to many of the people working in this sector. To add to it, this will also affect the overall repute of the company as they will have to adjust on the new rules and changes made in Lenovo products. As Lenovo is much concerned about keeping pace with its number in the market and statistics, it is trying to bring in many changes.

Till date, it is reported that Lenovo’s total revenue is up to $10.7 billion which is less than that estimated number which as $11.29 billion, as per the forecasts and market gurus. Lenovo has experienced a downward trend since last year. This is quite clear from its numbers going down with each month. It was estimated that Lenovo’s total income is about 5 per cent less than the number it was a year ago. This is a very bad situation for a company which used to rule the market once upon a time. They are coming up with newer and latest products within interval of months.

Decreasing numbers have created a huge problem with more than 3,000 people being laid off from their jobs. Lenovo’s total staff strength is about 60,000 people. Out of them, about 5 per cent will have to leave Lenovo due to such problems. This move by the company is being justified well by them. To keep the company balances and take care of this afloat and running statistics, this step was very crucial. However, there is much to look forward to when it comes to the company Lenovo. They are planning well to recover all the losses. They are in terms of using the profits earned by them to renovate their mobile phones. They also have plans to make certain changes in their mobile business. They are also thinking on reconstructing its handsets as they have only a handful of signature models.

Lenovo Motorola

There are many such factors which have compelled Lenovo to take this drastic step. You can see into its statistics and you will come to know of its plans ahead. This is the reason why Lenovo is taking help of the company named Motorola. They have plans to hand over their mobile division to Motorola. While on the other hand, Lenovo itself will be in charge of the PC division. Thus, both the companies are trying hard to bring some positive change in Lenovo. This will surely help Lenovo to improve its statistics.

Lenovo Motorola

Lenovo Motorola

Both the companies have joined hands to improve the deteriorating condition of Lenovo. They are trying their best to bring Lenovo in the forefront. This change will surely affect the market and its statistics. This being the latest news, it is trying hard to wrap up its recent loss and make way for new success and changes which will bring a positive feedback from the customers as well as the company itself.

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