LG declare smaller G Flex 2 by the end of the year

Posted on Sep 12 2014 - 7:19pm by Alpha Mathew
LG Flex 2

LG Flex 2

The recent news is that LG will actually be taking some other shot with flexible displays on smartphones, as LG G Flex was not much of a head turner, thanks to its monetary value (which has now discharged), the company, as sources say is busy producing a successor to the same that will be demonstrated by the remainder of this year.

There is indeed very short information about the coming handset, but reports point to the handset being smaller than the original behemoth while still maintaining its flexible form and information tells LG G Flex 2 sporting a display with a resolution over Full HD. 

While the LG G3 was certainly a winner with the Korean company’s first venture into the Quad HD space with smartphones, LG certainly won’t be giving away any records with the G Flex 2 (it may win a pair of awards though) and the handset is expected to launch in Korea followed by the USA and finally in India and confidentially, LG comes up with some realistic pricing this time around to keep sales steady.

Previously, all attention has been on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and new Apple iPhone 6, but there’s a discrete high-end smartphone coming later this year that users might become concerned. Back in 2013, the LG G Flex was unlike anything that took home earlier.It was one of the unique phones that we started out to visit last year, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Round. Due to steep pricing the LG-made G Flex went largely noticed, only today we’re getting word that the South Korean will indeed reveal the G Flex 2 with a curved display sometime later this year.

A high-profile executive over at LG India has exclusively shared the details about the G Flex 2 launch. Agreeing to our source, the forthcoming G Flex 2 will be more ‘compact’ compared to its processor; though the screen size largely remains unknown. The device might not do with a QHD display, but he applied the term “Better than Full HD”.

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