LG launches its Tone Infinim Bluetooth Stereo Headset in India for Rs. 10,990

Posted on Nov 14 2014 - 6:56am by TechliveTech
LG Electronics Tone Infinim (HSB-900) Bluetooth stereo headset launched in India for Rs. 10,990

LG Electronics Tone Infinim (HSB-900) Bluetooth stereo headset launched in India for Rs. 10,990

LG Electronics entering into the Bluetooth Headset category products, on Wednesday revealed its Tone Infinim (HSB-900) Bluetooth stereo headset for Rs. 10,990 in India. The headset is designed in the around-the-neck pattern and gets a chic and classy metal finish. Partnering with the audio equipment manufacturer – Harman/Kardon, LG gets the sound quality for its Bluetooth stereo headset. The premium Bluetooth headset was unveiled by the company in May.

According to LG, the headset made available in Silver and Gold finish can be got in the country from all LG brand shops. On the headset are available features like one-touch music and volume control and a special jog button.

LG Mobiles Marketing Head, Amit Gujral at the launch event said that this headphones being the finest product from LG will prove the company’s sustainability to be in the markets leading position with differentiated design, usability and sound quality.

Let’s now check out all the interesting features that are clubbed within this LG Tone Infinim headset:

Sporting a sleek and curved design with neat metallic finish, this Bluetooth headset is up to the mark when considered with today’s fashion. With little or no wires, the headset along with other features gets a volume, play/pause, rewind, fast forward and a call button on it. It also comes with a sound and vibration alert feature to let the user know about the battery status, current timing and about an incoming message as well, all these with the Tone&Talk app’s convenient UX feature.

This Tone Infinim though designed to work exclusively with LG G3 Smartphone (along with which works the best) can also work well with other standard smart devices that come with Bluetooth 3.0 technology. And when paired with LG G3 Smartphone, the Tone Infinim headset shows off exclusive features like

  • ‘Name Alert’ – in which the user is announced the name of the caller when receiving a call.
  • Answer Me+ is the other exclusive feature that disconnects the Tone Infinim headset automatically when the Smartphone is lifted near to the ear of the user.
  • Battery indication is the other specific features of the pair.

To power up the Tone Infinim headset that can be connected through Micro-USB port is a 220mAh battery. According to LG, the headset’s battery can withstand about 14 hours of audio play time, 17 hours of talk time and about 23 days standby time (a stunning standby time).

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