LG May Release A webOS Smartwatch Platform

Posted on Oct 5 2014 - 9:36pm by Devesh
webOS Powering The LG Smartwatch

webOS Powering The LG Smartwatch

LG has been Google’s Android Wear partner since the program was launched. LG was one of the first manufacturers that launched its Android Wear smartwatch. Recently reports have surfaced depicting a break from this trend. It looks like LG would be giving Android Wear the “cold shoulder.”

A recent landing page (since taken down) was put up by LG for participating developers. LG’s first and second smartwatches utilized Android Wear as their OS. It looks like LG might give its webOS a try. Most of you should be aware of webOS’ history and its acquisition by Hewlett-Packard and later sale to LG Electronics.

The official webOS Smartwatch Platform page has already been taken down. LG was fast in its take-down, as many people were not able to see it. The Verge was able to grab some screenshots before the webOS Smartwatch Platform page was taken down. Currently, only the page for the webOS TV Platform is available. This is unfortunate as we were not able to discern anything about LG’s webOS Smartwatch Platform or what LG has done in the smartwatch area.

webOS Smartwatch For Developers

webOS Smartwatch For Developers

Not everyone was surprised by LG’s move, as Samsung is already moving away from the Android Wear platform. Recently, there have been many rumors and reports with regards to manufacturers wanting to move away from the Google ecosystem.

First, there was news that Google wanted more of its own apps on Android-based devices. Second, we had reports that Micromax and Cyanogen MOD were teaming up to bring the Cyanogen ROM to its smartphones and tablets. Now, we bring you news that LG is also trying to move away from Google’s ecosystem.

One of the main issues with the Android Wear and Android Auto is the amount of customization and openness. On the one hand, Google is trying to reduce fragmentation among the various Android versions available. Then, on the other side, Google is trying to force its apps on Android device manufacturers. One simply cannot maintain a balance and go ahead. Either one of the options will gain the upper hand and beat the other.

With the rise of Apple iOS, Microsoft Phone OS, and a little bit of BlackBerry’s OS platform, Google is trying to get a hold of manufacturers devices the best way it can. We do see the platform, as a whole, as being stagnated in the sense that it is trying to consolidate into a single unit, but is also turning into something as ugly as Apple iOS, Microsoft Phone OS, and BlackBerry OS.

LG’s new landing page points to its webOS TV Platform for developers with the release of the webOS TV SDK. Other than that, the information now reads as “coming soon,” without any indication of as and when. The leaked landing page, now, has everybody talking and interested in webOS.

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