LG Mosquito Away TV – A TV that Repels Mosquitoes

Posted on Jul 19 2016 - 9:28am by Juwairia

Over the years LG has released many useful products to its customers that work multi-purpose. Now they have gone one step further to satisfy their customers and prove their innovation. They have released a TV which acts as a mosquito repellent too. The LG Mosquito Away TV is a much needed fantastic concept come true.

LG Mosquito Away TV Front

LG Mosquito Away TV Front

LG Mosquito Away TV

The South Korean Giant has really out-done themselves by modifying a common house hold object. Previously LG had released many home appliances combined with mosquito repellent in many countries and received accolades from their customers. This combo is really new to Indian market.

The LG Mosquito Away TV is made of a single metallic frame. The design is good, like all other LG TVs. The TV itself is slim. The monitor appears big as the bezels are styled narrow. Like all other LEDs, the LG Mosquito Away TV can either be mounted on the wall or kept on a table with the help of a stand.

The LG Mosquito Away TV is much needed for India

The LG Mosquito Away TV is much needed for India

LG Mosquito Away is 32 inches wide. It has a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels which gives a wonderful picture quality. All the ports of the TV are located at the back of the screen. The cables don’t make any mess in the environment. The Remote control provided with the TV can control everything in the monitor, providing comfortable control experience for users.

The Mosquito Repellent

A small emitter at the back of the monitor serves as the mosquito repellent. Once the device is activated, it starts emitting ultra-sonic sound that keeps away mosquitoes. The device does not emit any type of hazardous chemical. It is completely safe. The repellent feature can be activated through TV settings.

Key Features

  • Two sizes – 32 and 42 inches slim LED displays.
  • Dolby Digital 20W powerful sound system.
  • Regional Languages.
  • Built in LG games which can be played with remote control.
  • Lightening, humidity, dust and summer heat protection.
  • USB ready.
  • Smart Energy saving.
LG Mosquito Away TV Back

LG Mosquito Away TV Back

Other Features

Triple XD Engine has been used in the LG Mosquito Away TV to showcase a wide range of colours and contrast for a better experience. The in-built speaker available in the TV can give out 20W of Dolby Digital sound. With help of blur free technology, a crystal clear picture can be obtained even during fast paced sequences.


LG has released a perfect device for their customers in India. Since this device is non-hazardous, it can be used without concerns even in the presence of children. In India LG Mosquito Away can be bought for the price of Rs 26,990. For all who are looking for a monitor under Rs 30,000, the LG Mosquito Away is a perfect choice.

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