LG Releases webOS TV Platform

Posted on Oct 7 2014 - 8:55am by Devesh
LG's webOS TV For Developers

LG’s webOS TV For Developers

LG has always been Google’s Android Wear partner ever since the program launched. LG was one of the first manufacturers to collaborate with Google. LG has previously launched its Android Wear smartwatch. Recently, LG has launched the webOS TV Platform. This is in direct competition to Google’s Chromecast and the Google TV Platform.

Google has been trying too hard to integrate its apps and services onto whatever Android can be loaded or installed on. Google is now requiring manufacturers to load more of its applications on their Android based devices. This is making many manufacturers to move away or look for other alternatives. LG release of its webOS TV Platform is being seen as a method to become independent of Google’s TV Platform.

LG's webOS Powering TV

LG’s webOS Powering TV

LG’s webOS TV Platform is a web-based platform that will power LG’s Smart+ televisions. The webOS TV Platform is developer-friendly. The webOS TV Platform has powerful capabilities that developers can leverage to create feature-rich web applications, second-screen applications, and many more.

LG’s webOS TV Platform is based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript web technologies. These technologies will help developers to develop related applications for LG’s Smart+ televisions. LG’s webOS TV Platform is looking to gain traction and attract more developers.

LG's webOS TV SDK Available

LG’s webOS TV SDK Available

System Components

LG’s webOS Platform is based on Linux as is Google’s Android OS. The webOS TV core contains a rich set of APIs that will help developers. These essential APIs equip applications to manage security, media, networking, devices, and TV functionality. The webOS system API service is created using JavaScript’s Node.JS cross-platform runtime environment.

Web Applications

Web applications that are built for webOS are very similar to your standard web applications. Like standard web applications, you can also create web applications for webOS TV. You can create these using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS web technologies. Anyone who has experience with building web applications can easily start developing web applications for webOS TV.

Enyo Moonstone TV UI Library

The Enyo Application Framework is a cross-platform JavaScript application framework. The Enyo Application Framework is integrated into webOS TV. The Enyo Moonstone Library provides a rich set of UI controls. These UI controls are specifically designed to create TV web applications.

JavaScript Services

LG’s TV Platform supports JavaScript. The JavaScript service accesses the file system, low-level networking, and background processing. Applications access the webOS JavaScript service from the webOS TV system bus.

Connect SDK

The Connect SDK is an open-source framework. This open-source framework has been developed by LG. The open-source framework connects the mobile apps to many TV platforms. The Connect SDK will enable webOS TV applications to be upgraded through mobile applications.

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