List of Features Fortunes with Android M OS 2015

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Hope you know, Google as recently concluded their annual Google I/O Conference 2015, yesterday. We promised you to give the regular updates about the best in class features announced with the same in real time manner. To keep up our promise, we have bundled the right features fortune with the upcoming Android M Operating System at its best. We certainly expect a lot about the naming of the Android M OS in the Google I/O Event. Interestingly, Google yet not disclosed (may be not concluded) the official name of the upcoming latest iteration Android M OS. And, thus concludes that, Android M remains the same in terms of name.


List of Features Fortunes with Android M OS 2015

Still No Name Confirmation for Google Android M

No worry, let us dive into the world of new features enabled with the Android M OS at its best. There are several unique categories including the implementation of Android Wireless Payments are available with the latest Android M and let us see in depth features associated with the same.

Permission for Apps:

Google as turned itself to provide the apps permission in the iOS style. Yes, the Android M OS doesn’t make you any query about the process of installing apps from the play store. It will just query you about the list of permissions, just at the first time of installation indeed.

Interestingly, you can view or check the list of permissions enabled to that particular app using the settings option in the menu. You could also revoke or add up certain permissions with the app at any time of your utilization.

Custom Chrome Tabs with Android M OS:

Most of the Android Apps in these days makes you to toggle between the apps followed by Chrome (the browser by default) for several purposes. This time, Google Android M OS paves the finest way of creating custom Chrome. That is, you will get a Chrome browser features within the space of the App, so that you can excellently complete your requirements with the Chrome without toggle between the same.

App Links Features:

There always a standard cryptography followed by the Google in all their process. This time, with the Android M OS, it has gone another level. Yes, any links either from the link in the browser or vice versa, the links are thoroughly checked and further allowed to move to the next process. This is an awesome move to cut short the malicious moves like Phishing, Malwares and even some Virus linked to the links as well.

New Android Pay Features:

List of Features Fortunes with Android M OS 2015

Security Features with Android M OS

The payment process is the advancement implemented with the mobile sector. Google has been trying them for a several years of now, where both Samsung (Pay) and Apple (Pay) has been at work for years. Interestingly, the new Android Pay is the latest iteration associated with the upcoming Android M OS 2015. The standard process is simply carried out using the Smartphone’s Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to store the credit card details in a safer way.

Certainly, the process of storing the credit card details is carried out in a much secured way, where any apps you purchase or installed couldn’t see any such details for no reasons. All major US credit cards will be supported with the new Android Pay and you can effectively utilize them in Subway, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Best Buy, Pepsi and some of other major brands.

Finger Print Sensors with Android M OS:

Many vendors in the industry have been implemented the process of utilizing the fingerprint sensor, for making the safer transactions. And now, Google makes the same official with the part of the Android M OS.

Easy Power Charging & Maintenance:

When it comes to the Android OS, irrespective of any iteration, battery & power management is certainly a main concern. In order to make the users feel satisfied with their battery performance, Google has implemented the “Project Volta” with the Android M OS, which is definitely the very first move to maintain the better battery life. This project makes the most of the motion sensors and identifies the current activity of the mobile with the user and rectifies any shortcomings with the battery utility.

List of Features Fortunes with Android M OS 2015

Android_M OS Features for App Developers 2015

After a reasonable test made by Google, the Project Volta implemented Android M OS makes the battery of Nexus 9 runs twice the time of the Android Lollipop. This is really great news for the Smartphone lovers, who especially purchase the same for gaming purposes.

Quick charging is another new concept implemented with the Android M OS by Google, which is effectively utilizing the Type C USB Charger. This type C USB makes the Smartphone get charged as quickly as possible. We will discover more features available with the Type C USB and its bi-directional charger concept in the future.

Google Now on Top with the Android M OS:

The process of getting notifications and other understandings of the Smartphone is really incredible and Android M provides better functionality of the same using the “Google Now”. Natural language understanding is associated with the Google Now, which provides an easy way of considerate your queries irrespective of your pronouncing style.

As of now these are the features implemented with the upcoming Android M OS and you can really get more detailed notes about the same once released. Until then, stay amazed with our new technology portal!

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