List of Highlights of Apple iOS 9 Live from WWDC 2015

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Every major software platform service providers do have a habit of conducting Developers Program annually or twice a year as well. The Facebook, Microsoft & Google are among the top few companies who follow the same tradition. Each such conference will bring the users some sort advancement towards their betterment. Apple has far above experience in the process of developer’s conference activities, as it is the most experienced company comparing the above mentioned firms. Apple recently concluded their 26th World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2015 at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco, USA. The anticipation towards the WWDC 2015 event was certainly higher, because, there are plenty of rumors clouded around Apple for their next iteration of iOS & iPhone as well.

List of Highlights of Apple iOS 9 Live from WWDC 2015

Apple WWDC 2015 Conference Live updates

Note Apple released new updates towards the Mac OS (OX X EI Captain), Apple iOS 9 (for iPhones & iPads, iPods) and even fewer updates to the WatchOS 2 for the Apple watch. We are providing the live and exclusive details about the Apple iOS 9 indeed. Let us go, through the complete highlights offered with the Apple iOS at the WWDC 2015.

Highlights of Apple iOS 9:

There are few most wanted updates running around the Apple iOS 8 since its launch. Apple has certainly made some phenomenal improvement towards it and Apple iOS 9 as completely fixed its ancestors bugs awesomely.

Operating System Space Reduced:

List of Highlights of Apple iOS 9 Live from WWDC 2015

Highlights of New Apple iOS 9

Most of the Apple Operating System makes huge space from its internal memory. Hope you know, Apple doesn’t allow the external memory slot in most of their iPhones and hence the space management is very essential for the users. Exceptionally, the space of the operating system Apple iOS 9 is less than half of the iOS 8. The complete operating system takes just 1.8GB size, instead of 4GB (in case of iOS 8). This is definitely a great and impressive move from Apple and iPhone lovers can still go for the low memory devices, i.e. 8GB versions.

Provides Better Compatibility Services:

Compatibility is an important factor that most of the operating system makers care about. But, due to enhanced software features and hardware necessities, 70% of the newly releasing OS are failing to boot the existing Smartphones, perhaps the new mobile. This time, Apple has decided to provide better compatibility to the existing iOS 8 users. Yes, iOS 8 users, irrespective of the device they use (iPhone, iPad & iPod), can install the Apple iOS 9 through OTA update.

List of Highlights of Apple iOS 9 Live from WWDC 2015

Apple iOS 9 Provides Better Compatibility Services

Enhanced Battery Features:

The Battery is another most important segment of the Smartphones, which determines the longevity of the mobile wakeup time. There are some special enhancement made with the Apple iOS 9 and hence Apple claims that, the new iOS 9 will bring additional 11/2 life of the battery. Yes, the new OS enabled with the “Low Power Mode”, using which you will get 3 hours of expanded battery life to the existing.

Apple Siri Competes with Google Now:

The personal assistant apps are the most creative way of helping the user needs in time in a brilliant way. Hope most of us definitely experienced the same with the Android’s Google Now indeed. The same kind of Proactive Assistant services is also made available with the Apple Siri (which is the first personal assistant app, later comes the Google Now). The virtual assistant Apple Siri can give you the exact results for your queries based on your search history, location and even the time of the day as well. With the Apple iOS 9, Apple Siri also provides you suggestions about the suitable apps for your betterment.

Interestingly, with the new Proactive Assistant update to the Apple Siri, none of your personal data sent to any cloud servers and hence, you could experience improved privacy.

Goodbye to Newsstand: Welcome News App:

Apple decided to drop the Newsstand in time, as there is no proper engagement with the same from the users. Hence, the Apple iOS 9 welcomes the News App and says goodbye to the Newsstand. This is a kind of service you experience with the Facebook Instant Articles and Flipboard as well. Reportedly, the News App comes with 33 Articles from The New York Times a day, access might be at cost. The News App comes with excellent space for the videos, photos and live articles as well. Interestingly, the contents will be well optimized for both the iPhones and iPad based on the locations like Australia, UK and US as well.

New Search API:

Apple has successfully implemented their new Search API to the iOS 9, which is said to bring huge improvements in the search features in real time manner. Developers can utilize this API to index their apps and bring links out of this as well. From the user’s perspective, you can search not only the web and apps; perhaps you can now search the content within the app as well. At the same time, this is not the very new technology in the industry, because Google has already implemented the same in their search.

List of Highlights of Apple iOS 9 Live from WWDC 2015

Apple iOS 9 Search API Screen Shot

Special Features for Apple iPad:

The cut, copy & paste options are working quite smoothly for the iPhone users, but not to the Apple iPad. Hence, Apple made several useful features to these functionalities and Apple iPad users can definitely make the most of it. The new feature helps you to turn the keyboard into a trackpad and hence the same can be well utilized for the better multitasking requirements. Interestingly, as you get with several Samsung flagship mobiles, you can now get the option of opening two distinctive apps side by side with the Apple iPads. You can split the screen size to the ratio of 50:50 or a 70:30 indeed. This also helps you to customize the images and videos gallery accordingly. But, you need the latest Apple iPad 2 to enjoy these features.

Bottom Line:

According the WWDC 2015, the new Apple iOS 9 certainly have several advancements to its ancestor. We definitely have to wait and watch the performance of the same in real time. Stay amazed with the Techlive Info!

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