2-in-1 iOS & Android Common Connector LMcable – A Breakthrough Innovation

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An innovative breakthrough featuring a unique leather outlook, this specialised connector called the LMcable is the first connector suitable for both Apple and Android devices.LMcable is going to be the only cable that you need! Yes. LMcable is all set to put an end to all the cable woes. This is going to be the world’s first cable containing a 2-in-1 connector that will work both on micro USB and lightning devices. In other words, this is going to be the world’s first iOS and Android common connector.

World's first iOS and Android common connectos

World’s first iOS and Android common connectos

LMcable- The Ultimate cable

Charging is going to be easy now as LMcable is a simple and yet a perfect solution to break the barrier between lightning and micro USB. Charge any device irrespective of whether it is a lightning port like your iPhone or micro USB port on an Android device. Charging is now going to be easy, as  LMcable-the only charging cable that you will ever need is here to rescue. It works great for everyone. Not just an iPhone or Android users. As long as you are a person with a mobile device, this new cable will work just fine and charge your device.

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No need to carry separate connectors

No need to carry separate connectors

This super cable works by combining the function of lightning and micro USB together into just one single connector. It can be used just like a common charging cable that you use all the time. The connector’s one side is  for devices that charge and work with lightning port (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.) and the other side of the connector is meant for devices with micro USB port (Android phone, external charger, etc.) This 2-in-1 cable is compatible with any device that is charged through a lightning or micro USB port.

LMcabe highlights

  • It is compatible on both lightning and micro USB devices.
  • LMcable supports fast data transfer and 2.4A fast charging as well.
  • It is portable and comes with a brass buckle for a neat wrap up.
  • The cable is durable as its tin plated copper wires are flexible than the normal wires.
  • Stylish and luxurious with the leather outer cover that also reinforces the connector better.
  • No more messy and tangled wires.
  • Small yet convenient and can fit all smartphones even with cases.
  • Environmental friendly, Halogen free TPE is used instead of PVC that is otherwise used commonly.

This connector will work with almost all your mobile devices. So you just got to have this one cable for all your devices.

LMcable Leather Design

The cable is wrapped with leather that is stitched by very skilled craftsmen. It is so exquisite, it gives a unique touch of personalization. There is also a brass buckle belt that lets you coil the cable neatly and remain tangle free. It also doesn’t limit you to specific case covers, as it is so small it will definitely fit into most of the protective cases. It will also be available in Sunlight white, Vintage brown, Moonlight black and Cowboy blue colours.

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LMcable Availabilty

This 2-in-1 connector is currently in the production and quality check stage. It will most likely be shipped by April 2016. 

Pledge and Back this project on its Kickstarter Campaign and help raise funds.

Get heard. What do you think about this first of a kind 2-in-1 connector? How far do you think this is going to change the charging scenario? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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