Mahindra DiGiSense – An Empowering Tech Solution

Posted on Aug 31 2016 - 6:18pm by Juwairia

Mahindra has launched Mahindra DiGiSense, a tech solution that will bring real time access to vehicles. Mahindra DiGiSense empowers drivers, fleet operators, dealers, owners and service teams to instant information. ‘DiGiSense’ stands for Digitally Enabled Sensing. The Mahindra DiGiSense can locate vehicles real time. It also has a complete record of history of the places the vehicle has travelled. It will also save fuel cost and reduce time wastage in traffic zones by offering better route plans.

Mahindra DiGiSense - A Tech Platform

Mahindra DiGiSense – A Tech Platform

This new tech will improve productively for Mahindra vehicle owners. Even advanced, this tech platform is also able to diagnose engine problems remotely. In case of a breakdown, this platform can reduce turnaround time. The platform also has an emergency alert button that directs the owners to the nearest Mahindra service centre. The alerts are customizable too. Owners can set alerts for notifications that will be activated on excessive idling or over speeding.

Features of Mahindra DiGiSense:

  • Track your vehicle real time.
  • Get a full history of your vehicle’s whereabouts.
  • Manage your driver on the go.
  • Over speeding or Excessive idling alerts.
  • Manage routes and get the shortest possible routes.
  • Avoid traffic and save time.
  • Save fuel.
  • Real time fuel information.
  • Calculate your fuel economy.
  • Set geographical limits for your vehicle.
  • Monitor the routes your driver takes.
  • Get alerts in case your vehicle goes to new places/
  • Get stats about engine overheating, low battery and other issues in your fingertips.
  • Summaries of all vehicle related data like distance travelled, fuel usage, breakdowns, alerts, usage, etc.,
Mahindra DiGiSense - Features 2

Mahindra DiGiSense

“We have launched DiGiSense technology, which will empower customers to digitally build knowledge 24X7 about the performance and location of their mobility products and tractors. “This new technology will be available in select variants of M&M commercial and passenger vehicles to tractors and construction equipment and will cost between Rs5,000 to Rs10,000 per vehicle,” says Pawab Goenka, the M&M Executive Director.

This futuristic launch makes the utility vehicle maker the first in the country to have created such an ecosystem. The Mahindra DiGiSense is the first of its kind here. It has been built with cloud service, map service, telecom networks, hardware manufacturers and various other third parties.

“We regularly challenge conventional thinking and create disruptions and the launch of DiGiSense 1.0 is one such effort to adopt technology to develop new ecosystems. From providing real-time data, to tracking performance and productivity of the vehicles, the technology will enable customers to control their businesses,” Goenka adds.

Mahindra DiGiSense - Features 3

Mahindra DiGiSense

The Mahindra DiGiSense 1.0 will first be available in Imperio and Jeeto, which are small vehicles. Among tractors, Arjun Novo has the tech for now. EarthMaster, a construction helper, and the Mahindra Blazo from the heavy commercial vehicle segment, are also getting this new tech.

This tech will be first rolled out as a subscription based service. The company plans to gradually roll out this service across the entire Mahindra line up.

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