MediaTek Helio Future High End Smartphones Chipset

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The Processor is one of the most important features of any Smartphone in these days. This is the incredible stuff that determines the velocity and smoothness of the device, irrespective of its maker and other specification it is associated with. Even though there are ample of the processor’s made available in the market, both Qualcomm and MediaTek dominate comparing the rest. Nowadays, most of the Smartphone makers started to develop their own processor and operating system as well. Samsung is one among the top manufacturer of their indigenous software termed as Tizen OS and in the hardware section they are coming up with Exynos processor.

Brand New Chipset from MediaTek:

MediaTek processor manufacturer dominates the budget range and midrange Smartphones section. There is plenty of rival processor produced by this maker to have healthy competition to the world’s leading consumer electronics processor manufacturer, none other than Qualcomm indeed.

Today, the Taiwanese Smartphone processor maker, MediaTek announced their flagship processor in the industry. It is named as “MediaTek Helio”. This chipset will give its tough competition to the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Series chip and Samsung Exynos as well.

MediaTek Helio X10 Processor Release First:

The MediaTek Helio is the processor family and there are plenty of series it would produce in the future. However, the MediaTek Helio X10 will be the first to be debuted in the market in near future.

Important Features of MediaTek Helio Processor:

MediaTek Helio Future High End Smartphones Chipset

Features of MediaTek Helio Processor

As this is the newbie processor from MediaTek industry, let us get the reliable information about the capabilities possessed with the MediaTek Helio Processor in depth.

  • 64bit Processor
  • Supports True Octa Core Technology
  • 2.2GHz Clocked Chipset with Cortex A53 Cores
  • 120Hz Display Refresh Rates
  • 480fps Slow Motion Video Capturing capacity

MediaTek Helio 64bit Flagship Processor:

MediaTek comes up with incredible performance richer reliable chipset in the industry. To add value to the flagship, this processor is enabled with 64bit processing unit. This will definitely make plenty of differences in the Smartphone utilities.

The True Octa core processing units add uniqueness to the Flagship MediaTek Helio processor. The clock frequency of the processor is enabled with 2.2GHz with the support of Cortex A53 cores.

One of the important features supported by this processor is that, the display refresh rate will be 120Hz, which give you the excellent screen view in all angles. Also, in the camera section you can really enjoy certain real time moments in impressive form. The slow motion video capturing technique is what you can achieve with this processor at the rate of 480fps.

MediaTek Helio P Series in 3rd Quarter of 2015:

Though there are no official words conforming the releasing date of the future MediaTek Helio P Series Processors, most of the techies expect this processor could be unveiled in 3rd quarter of this year. Also, nothing officially unveiled by the maker about this MediaTek Helio P series processor features and facilities.

MediaTek Helio Future High End Smartphones Chipset

MediaTek Helio Future High End Smartphones Chipset

First Smartphone to Have MediaTek Helio Processor:

This could really so interesting stuff with the processor lovers. Perhaps, the MediaTek Helio processor will be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2015 and any Smartphone which launching in this period could have a chance to get this latest 64bit processor from MediaTek indeed.

Hope you got some valuable information about the upcoming MediaTek Helio processor in detail and reliable form. This MediaTek Helio Processor is assumed to capitalize the upcoming flagship Smartphone’s even in high end categories. We will give you the real time performances accessible with this processor once launched in the market.

Until then stay amazed with the Techlive Info on the go!

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