MediaTek Helio X20 Chipset Launched with Tri-Cluster Technology

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Innovation has no boundaries and every new technology is proving the same in the world. While coming to the Smartphone world, the open source operating system, Android makes the legendary moves by undergoing various user satisfying customary moves in it. Apart from the operating system, the most important feature one will look in the Smartphone is definitely its processor. Why, because, the processor determines the quality & performance of the system, irrespective of the features implemented with it. Hence, most of the processor mobile makers (excluding the computer/laptop processor makers) are trying to implement the best in class features by overcoming their existing hurdles.

MediaTek Launched MediaTek Helio X20 Chipset:

The highest number of cores available in the Smartphone processor in these days is Octa (8) and MediaTek is breaking the record by unveiling the World’s first processor with Deci-core. Yes, the new MediaTek Helio X20 has been built in with 10 processor cores and users can certainly experience a new lightening speed of performance with it. MediaTek claims that, this is their mission of delivering the industry’s leading computing performance enabled processor with unmatched power efficiency indeed.

MediaTek Helio X20 Chipset Launched with Tri-Cluster Technology

Helio X20 Deca Core 10 Core Processor

Get Set To Revolutionize The Mobile World:

The MediaTek Helio X20 has really built in with ample of amazing features to revolutionize the whole mobile world in a new dimension. One of the major specs that will impress the users (inters of performance) is that, it’s built in Category 6 (Cat 6) LTE model, which is also upgraded to CorePilot 3.0. The feature of advanced scheduling algorithms with the processor makes it suitable for any of the flagship devices in the future. It is also well said that, the MediaTek Helio X20 will hit the consumer electronics market by 4th Quarter of 2015.

Multitasking Becomes Essential also the Battery:

In the modern world, peoples are so busy and try to complete several tasks simultaneously. This is efficiently possible with the phenomenal multitasking features. Every high end gaming requires high performing processor, followed by advanced imaging and video requirements too. The Battery is one of the major constraints if you undergo multitasking features. Hence the dual cluster architects may fail you in the future.

MediaTek Helio X20 with Tri-Cluster Technology:

MediaTek is also making an impressive move with building the future processor with advanced technology categorically. Yes, the upcoming MediaTek Helio X20 is built with the Tri Cluster architecture and it is also the world’s first processor with the same technology. The Tri-Cluster technology is built in with single clusters of advanced ARM Cortex A72 (latest) Processor with 2.5GHz speed is well coupled with dual cluster ARM Cortex A53 of 2.0GHz & 1.4GHz speed respectively. All these 3 cores will make the system effectively operate with maximized optimum features followed by extending battery life as well.

MediaTek Helio X20 Chipset Launched with Tri-Cluster Technology

10 Core Processor from MediaTek

The heterogeneous computing, scheduling algorithm was the key technique implemented with the Tri Cluster MediaTek Helio X20 mobile processor. Apart from that, the GPU and CorePilot 3.0 make the system so cool and ahead of all processes. MediaTek deliberately claims that, this MediaTek Helio X20 processor could reduce the ordinary battery power consumption up to 30%.

Officials Talks of MediaTek Helio X20 Launch:

Mr.Jeffrey Ju, the Senior Vice President of MediaTek stated that, “By leading with mobile CPU architecture and multimedia innovation, MediaTek continues to push the envelope of power efficiency and peak performance”.

Advanced Features Bundled with MediaTek Helio X20:

  • You can shoot faster images & videos at its best with 3D depth even at the complete field images.
  • Color depth and quality of the image will really be higher than anticipated using the Multi scale noise engines.
  • You can get uncompromised motion viewing experience with the help of 120Hz frequency instead of 60Hz frequency.
  • Never experienced battery power consumption.

Bottom Line:

The innovative MediaTek Helix X20 has Tri-Cluster Technology using which it provides better performance in the benchmarks, followed by consuming 30% lesser power than many other processors in the industry.

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