Microsoft comes up with updated version of Office 2016 for Mac

Posted on Jul 15 2015 - 5:27pm by Aparna


Microsoft Office has come up with its newer version. They have helped us to manage our work with user friendly functions. Till date, Office has been made available across various platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Likewise, recently Microsoft came up with Office 2016. They worked on it for a long time and took efforts to make it a success. This new version comes up with many of the advanced versions designed for OS X.

Of late, Microsoft made this software available for Mac too. This has come with added benefits and features. As per various surveys, this software is first made available to those who have subscribed to Office 365. These people usually have Office 365 Home, Personal, Business, and Business Premium, E3 or ProPlus subscription. So many versions will help the users to go for the one which suits their requirements. If you are a normal user, then you can opt for Office 365 Personal which is sold at the cost of $6.99 per month while Office 365 Home will sell at $9.99 per month. As you can see, the rates are kept very nominal keeping in mind its importance and high scale use.

Keeping in mind its widespread use, the company came up with a plan which was beneficial for the customers as well as the manufacturers. People who are using it for the first time can easily get office 2016 subscription from the website while those who already have office installed in their PCs and laptops can install it from the account page to save their time. This is a good option and they are sure, they will get many customers in short span of time.


Office 2016 is a very advanced version of MS Office. It has many features which will make your work faster and easier. It adds on many of the features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. This version will be operating in more than 130 countries and can be used in 16 different languages. This is a good advantage as many people don’t use it because of the language barrier. It has some of the familiar ribbon interfaces and task panes. While some of the features are designed mainly for people using Mac, some others are common across various platforms. Features like full screen view, multi-touch gestures, and retina support will surely add up to the demand as well as use of this product.

One more benefit of using Office 365 is that it is integrated with the cloud and allows the users to switch between various devices. PCs, tablets, web and phones – you can use it on any platform to edit and merge your files and folders. Moreover, Microsoft was of the opinion that this updated suit with be updated in parts.


Microsoft is ready with this version of Office 365 and will launch it in September. Even the prices are under wraps and you will soon come to know about it in days to come.

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