Microsoft Launches Open Source – iOS to Windows Porting Tool

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Microsoft always comes with innovative ideas which help it to stand different from other mobile companies. This time, it has recently announced that it is going to release a tool that will help the Android as well as iOS developers to port their tools on the Windows platform as well. The company has been working on it since four months and now it ready with its new feature. Here, you can make use of a Window Bridge for iOS as an open source project. Earlier, this platform was known as Project Islandwood. If you wish to use this tool, you can just take it from GitHub under the MIT license.

iOS to windows

iOS to windows

In April this year, Microsoft announced at a Build 2015 developer conference that Windows Bridge is soon going to be one of the most important toolsets which will help the developers to port their apps to the Microsoft Windows platform. Till now, Islandwood is having four prominent components which are Objective-C compiler, an Objective-C runtime, iOS libraries, and Visual Studio integration. This has compelled Microsoft to bring up certain changes and hence, it is making only the Objective-C runtime and iOS libraries as open source. This will highly help the mass and the developers to use Window for make using of apps and downloading from there itself.

Microsoft is still working on this Windows Bridge. There are certain parts of the UIKit library which the developers need while making interfaces. This part is not being included in the Windows Bridge. Also, it doesn’t include parts of QuartzCore as well, which will speed up the animation development. Other than this, you will also find parts of CoreAudio audio framework missing.

iOS to windows

iOS to windows

A few distinguished features of Windows Bridge

Microsoft is of the view that they are working on the tool now and that Windows Bridge made for iOS will support Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 apps as well which are built for 86-bit and 64-bit system. They are soon going to get mobile apps support on their windows. They have decided to make Islandwood open source which will give the developers freedom to offer improvements and feedbacks so as to make the system better. They can comment on each feature to bring in certain changes.

For people who work as end developers, Windows Bridge will give them a platform where they can test their creations and apps and hence, make the changes as per the requirements. Given access to Windows platform, developers can prepare apps and make changes according to their own choice, without relying on the windows for permissions and other issues. They can shape their app to best suit the customers need. This is a good initiative as they can actually work on the Windows platform other than just making and releasing a sandboxed version of the app.

iOS to windows

iOS to windows

Windows Bridge will give much freedom to the developers

Manager of Windows Bridge for iOS Program, Salmaan Ahmad, is of the view that their goal for IOS Bridge is not only to run the iOS apps on the Windows platform. Rather, they are focusing more on giving developers the freedom to be able to write huge windows apps using all the code and knowledge they have. He also said that they are working on an expansion of iOS compatibility, but there is much more to do and explore with the Windows Bridge. Hence, they have huge plans in mind to develop this bridge which will be beneficial for them as well the developers.

Of late, Microsoft has stated that it is planning to release a more stable version of the Islandwood and the Visual Studio integration by the end of this year. They are yet to finalize on the deal. Even more, they are planning to release Project Astoria, which is a platform which will allow the Android developers to port their apps with the Window mobile apps. Up till now, you can view the Astoria app which is available but the developers can be selected by invitation only. You can even download the Windows Bridge for iOS from the project section of GitHub. This will help you explore this side of the Windows Bridge even more. You can now enjoy all the apps on your windows phone without any hindrance.

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