Microsoft OneDrive Offers More Free Storage than Apple

Posted on Sep 29 2014 - 8:04pm by Juwairia
OneDrive from Microsoft

OneDrive from Microsoft

In terms of free storage, Microsoft has announced a delightful deal for iPad and iPhone users. The deal from Microsoft is much better than Apple, at least until the end of this month.

For a limited period of time, Microsoft has announced that the company is doubling the amount of free storage that is being offered via its OneDrive Cloud Storage Service. As Apple released its Apple iPhone 6, the new iOS 8 was also unveiled. The update for iOS 8 requires larger storage. Majority of the users have to delete applications and pictures and videos to make space for the new iOS 8. The new iOS 8.0.2 has been released too, with various bug fixes, immediately after the iOS 8.0.1.

To rescue Apple users from this issue, Microsoft has come to the rescue.


iOS 8 Needs More Storage to Install

iOS 8 Needs More Storage to Install

“… we’ve been listening to the commentary about storage on the new iPhones released today [Friday] and we wanted to get you more storage right away. We think you’ll appreciate having more free storage while setting up your iPhone 6 or upgrading to iOS 8,” says Douglas Pearce from Microsoft,

Group Program Manager for OneDrive, in a blog post.

This move means that Microsoft OneDrive now offers 30 GB of free storage. To be eligible, you need to activate the auto upload feature in your camera roll before the end of September. You will then be entitled a base 15 GB paired up with a 15 GB camera roll bonus.

This new announcement is also available for Android smartphone, Windows PCs and Windows Phone users. Install OneDrive and start using the camera roll to backup your photos to this Cloud Storage service.

Apple users can head here to get OneDrive. Windows Phone users can get OneDrive from here. OneDrive for Android devices is accessible through this link. Windows Desktop and Laptop users can download OneDrive from this official page.


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