Microsoft to Soon Have Its Fitness Wrist Bands Ready

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 11:38pm by TechliveTech
Microsoft to Soon Have Its Fitness Wrist Bands Ready

Microsoft to Soon Have Its Fitness Wrist Bands Ready

Microsoft as indicated by Forbes, is all set to launch its fitness equipped smartwatch within next couple of weeks that monitors users heart rate and also is capable to work across all mobile platforms – Android Operating System from Google as well as iOS from Apple.

According to Forbes referring unknown source close to the matter, the fitness wearable following the Apple Watch and Moto 360 is said to perform for two days on regular use due to strong battery life. Also it is been reported that this smartwatch assumed fitness wearable not like the Apple Watch would soon after being released will hit the stores to dazzle the holiday season of the year.

Microsoft on the other hand refused to comment on this matter but according to reports it is said that the wearable’s launch is on the cards.

What so ever it may be all that can be expected from Microsoft is that it would for sure get itself indulged in the smart-wearable market, largely aiming at developing a wearable that is more concerned with its users health.

Point to note at this moment is that Microsoft back in April 2013 had however drawn efforts in getting smartwatch developed as the company was reported to shop in Asia around suppliers for getting components to make a potential watch device that is touch-enabled. Also indicated by reports earlier this year was that the watch from Microsoft is to resemble physically Samsung’s Gear Fit along with a full-color touch screen.

Also Microsoft with its once-hyped Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) has experimented in this sector which after spending so much of money and effort pulled itself out from the project in 2008.

With now the trend being the days of smartwatches and smartglasses, every electronics makers in a way to get their products differentiated from their competitors try giving out devices with various options.

Having known nothing more about Microsoft’s yet to launch smartwatch like wearable; only thing that can be guessed out is that it would definitely focus on health of its users – one of the key selling points in wearables.

Just for comparative purpose, it can be noted that many smartwatches in the market take up square shape for the dial considering it to be sporty while LG and Motorola not giving up the traditional circular shape have taken up the shape for their end products appealing as fashion.

On talking about the other key selling point in smartwatches – health, Samsung is the sixth company to launch its smartwatch (Gear S) in the past year that includes a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker and pedometer. On the other hand, Apple last month released its much hyped and expected Watch which taps into apps capable of tracking heart rate, burnt up calories, activity level and some other fitness activities.

Need to catch up as to what new features the Microsoft smartwatches would seize on them.

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