MONO: Restyled Specs via 3D Printing

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MONO Glasses - Restyled  3D printed Glasses

MONO Glasses – Restyled 3D printed Glasses

With the 3D printed future growing incredibly, this 3D printed one-piece flexible nylon eyewear with a discerning design looks cartoonish – if for one likes it the most (but yes it looks innovative). Termed MONO, this restyled designer specs give the feel of having something scribbled on the face of the models with a kind of Sharpie marker.

What is MONO?

MONO is a designer eyewear sets collection made with the latest advancements in 3D printing technology to give users the perfect-fit and wearing comfort with the Choice of Size provided.

MONO Glasses get a unique sizing system to help online buyers the best

MONO Glasses get a unique sizing system to help online buyers the best

MONO was the output of Edmond Wong’s idea. Edmond Wong an architect based at Hong Kong after having trouble with his own finding glasses came up with a plan of getting a single piece pair of eyewear printed in one go. He with some previous experience in using 3D printers meant for making architectural models along with an optician friend of relevant experience came up with the designs matching a range of one-piece 3D printed specs.

Thus created Mono design is found to help online buyers more as they are given the opportunity to buy specs online that has a good fit across a range of styles eliminating the need to try the glasses on physically. All this is possible as the specs are designed based on three size points for each pair of glasses – a unique sizing system that governs three measurements meant for wearing glasses comfortably, one being the width of front frame, then the nose pad depth and finally the temples length. The buyers thus get the size specification marked as S, M or L meant for the frame width, the nose pad depth and the temples length respectively. All this together from a 3 digit code that can be used for one’s ideal size of frame, even when switching between styles – just like the size of shoes.

And for these sizing specifications, there are exact millimeter measures – the average being the medium size, large and small size aim to envelop the “extreme cases”.

MONO glasses differ from conventional glasses as their frames are 3D-printed in one monolithic structure with no assembly required

MONO glasses differ from conventional glasses as their frames are 3D-printed in one monolithic structure with no assembly required

Mono’s hinge gets a coiled design which is necessary for printing the glasses as one piece and the frame is made of flexible nylon materials, all put together intend to give the eyewear a better fit. Also the nylon ((fine Polyamaide PA 2000) is claimed to be durable and strong being able to withstand UV exposure.

MONO Glasses Make:

When compared to conventional glasses, MONO glasses differ most with their frames being 3D-printed in one monolithic structure requiring no assembly, thus the name MONO. Many parts make the frame of a Conventional glass which reduces its reliability. But that is not the case with MONO glasses as the frames are reduced to just ONE; there is no hinge and screw.

It is the material properties of the 3D-printed nylon along with a patent-pending “DNA joint” which make the temples collapsible and bend in all direction according to the face features. Even the weight of the MONO glasses seem to have been reduced being almost just half the weight of conventional frames, all thanks to the lower density material used. The wearing comfort gets enhanced without the expression of the rim frame being compromised.

MONO Glasses -  5 styles of Frames

MONO Glasses – 5 styles of Frames

What more, the lens – Polycarbonate lens of the MONO glasses, selected for their shatter resistance and lightness can be detached by just a snap and this happens as the bend opens up the frame. It is through the grooves, the lenses get held in place within the 3D printed nylon frames.

MONO Glasses also Sunglasses:

Now something new and innovative about MONO glasses is that they can easily and effortlessly be transformed into sunglasses that reduce the need to carry two pairs of glasses while on the go. The lenses are also UV 400 protective, eliminating harmful rays 100%.

8 Colors of Lens to suit the the mood of the day

8 Colors of Lens to suit the the mood of the day

MONO Glasses on Indiegogo:

According to Wong, it took about 10 months for developing MONO to what it is now. Wong had self-funded until now where he also denotes that desktop 3D printer prototyping give less product dev costs.

The makers of MONO glasses are now in the look out to raise funds via Indiegogo of about $30,000 to afford some incremental manufacturing costs like minimum lens, accessories orders and other stuffs like patent applications for their single-piece, flexible design. So according to their Indiegogo launch, early bankers can get a pair of Mono optical glasses for a price of $99 and $199 for sunglasses, all due to ship by August this year. Also a combo lens bundle is to be given for a cost of $135 that contains the frames, a pair of tinted lenses and a pair of optical.

Ultimately whether these cartoonish 3D-printed specs will have the wearer look stylish or silly is a question left to be answered but what can be expected out of this effort is that there is going to be more of encouragement given to additive manufacturing making way for more custom styling to grow.

Highlights of MONO Glasses:

  • 3D printed to fit everyone.
  • One Monolithic frame with no assembly.
  • No Hinge and No Screw
  • Very Light in Weight
  • Interchangeable Lens – colored lens can be picked to suit the mood of the day.
  • 8 Colors of Lens
  • Interchangeable Frames – matching Frames to match the day’s outfit.
  • 5 styles of Frames – M- RC: Rectangular,     M- FV: Ful Vue,     M- RD: Rounded
    M-WF: Wayfarer,     M- AV: Aviator
  • 4 Colours per style
  • Mix and match Combinations – Frames and lens can be mix matched to get a unique style.
    Create your own style of specs with these interchangeable frames and lens

    Create your own style of specs with these interchangeable frames and lens

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