Moto G Titan and Moto E Styx Smartphones Leaked Online

Posted on Jan 20 2015 - 9:45pm by Techie Gen

Motorola is certainly one among the leading electronics hardware manufacturer of Smartphones and Tablets at international echelon. Once the same becomes the Google’s company, the reputation of the same goes in the skyline. The brand and official flagship of “Moto” helps them a lot in gaining hype over their products all over the world. There is a plenty of rumor spread over the next launch of the Smartphones by Motorola in Internet. Most of the techies in internet (like us) will keenly lookup for any of the trending leaks made with Smartphones around 24*7. In doing so, we have been gifted with a brand new leak about the Moto Smartphones 2015.

Latest Smartphone Leaks with Moto:

Moto G Titan and Moto E Smartphones Leaked Online

Moto_G_Titan MOTO E STYX

We have been gifted with new leaks from the Moto maker. Special thanks and courtesy to the UK based online retailer Argos, which is the sole responsibility to get this hot news in Internet. The two newly leaked Smartphones from Moto are termed as “Moto G Titan” and “Moto E Styx”. The names of the Smartphones are certainly suggesting the advancement made with their predecessor Moto G and Moto E respectively. One of the common and interesting feature that you can expect with these two leaked Smartphones by Moto is that, they will support the 4G LTE Radio, which is not available with their forebear.

Moto G Titan LTE Supported Smartphone:

Undeniably you will have a latest Android operating system with this beautiful Smartphone. Yes, as per the leaks, Moto G Titan is running with Android L 5.0 OS. The pixel resolution of the 5inch remains HD i.e. 1280*768 indeed. Some of the sources claim the resolutions could be higher either, but as per the leaks nothing to change. Some of the reliable updates about the leaks with the Moto G Titan are that, its built in memory and RAM. The Internal memory gives you the support of 8GB and RAM stays amazingly with 1GB capacity. The Smartphone is well driven by the Quad Core technology made CPU, but failed to provide the maker of it along with the operating frequency too. The rear camera comes with the 8MP support, nothing to say about the front shooter.

Moto E Styx Leaked Smartphone 2015:

This Moto E Styx is another phenomenal leaked Smartphone 2015 manufactured by Motorola. If you want a description about these specs, it’s a 2nd generation Moto E Smartphone undeniably. There is no higher revolutionary changes made here with the Moto E Styx, perhaps not the same copy as well. You can enjoy the 4G LTE version with this newbie device. Some remarkable changes have been made with the Moto E Styx and are as follows.

The CPU, chipset has been upgraded from the dual core to the Quad Core technology indeed. The weight is also improvised in 6 grams than its ancestors categorically.

Cost of Moto G Titan and Moto E Styx:

Moto G Titan and Moto E Smartphones Leaked Online


One of the interesting features that you can really enjoy with Moto G Titan and Moto E Styx is that, the cost offered for the product is certainly the same as you spend with the ancestors categorically. Yes, you can buy the Moto G Titan at the rate of $159.95, whereas the rate of the Moto E Styx is fixed at the rate of $109.95. Let us wait for the official words from the Motorola. However, they won’t take much time to make the Smartphones goes for sale in online and retails as well.

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