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Posted on Oct 21 2014 - 4:01pm by TechliveTech
iExaminer Smartphone system using an iPhone app can image the inside eye

iExaminer Smartphone system using an iPhone app can image the inside eye

In today’s world as people are becoming more health conscious many devices are being introduced to aid health check parameters. Of late there are many smartwatchs getting released in the market which along with smartphones help users in regulating their health mainly with that of tracking heart rate and calories burnt.

However the recent approach is the successful usage of an iPhone app by researchers to image the inside eye of pediatric and immobile patients. What exactly was done by the research team was the imaging of the inside eye of 28 pediatric patients, all with a diverse range of optic nerve and retinal conditions by using an iPhone and the iExaminer smartphone system.

iExaminer Smartphone system:

This iExaminer Smartphone system consists of a lighted instrument called the PanOptic Ophthalmoscope (with which the examining of the inside eye can be done) and an adapter that attaches the ophthalmoscope with the iPhone for taking the pictures and videos.

The highlighting point of this system is that it can clearly image the inside eye’s key structures in a single view without the necessity of using dilation drops. And the app associated to the system helps in capturing the images, storing them and transferring the data.

With this system even real-time tele-medicine consultation becomes possible without the necessity of revealing the patients identity as the image captured does not reveal any of the external facial features.

The Ross Eye Institute University at Buffalo, US its lead researcher, Jiaxi Ding said on regard to the research that this system cannot get restricted only to ophthalmologists but can also be used by general practitioners, hospitals and physicians.

He also added up that as this system captures image of the inside eye without requiring pupil dilation, prompt tele-medicine consultations can happen with an ophthalmologist and preliminary triage answers can be obtained quickly without the need of standard office referral.

It is also notable that in treating eye diseases, documenting and tracking the progression of the disease becomes important in which photography plays a vital role.

The researches results obtained with this iExaminer Smartphone system were shared at the 118th annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology – “AAO 2014”.

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