New HTC Desire Flagship Device Specs Leaked Online Today

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Every day, there have been some new stuffs happening around the world. Certainly, there is no Sunday for the Smartphone makers. They are quite busy with their schedules and highly committed to dominate in the industry, irrespective of the maker or the country they belongs as well. The High Tech Computer (HTC) Corporation is one among the elegant Smartphone maker across the globe. As far as the design is concerned, they are quite dominant with some unique designs apart from being one of an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) list. I hope; the HTC is quite brilliantly working on their latest devices late in the industry.

New HTC Desire Flagship Specs Leaked Online:

New HTC Desire Flagship Device Specs Leaked Online Today

Future Products from HTC Desire

Just a few hours back, there are some official words leaked out from the HTC maker in online. The stuff becomes so viral on the internet. Yes, HTC is going to hit Chinese market in the near future with their latest & upcoming HTC Desire Flagship device. The Taiwanese Smartphone maker (HTC) holding a plan to strike the Chinese market through their unannounced future products. As per the techie’s anticipation, this new flagship device could be certainly an advanced product from the HTC Inc. But, this time, it is a budget Smartphone from HTC, which is confirmed as per the latest leaks made on it.

Future Budget HTC Desire Flagship Smartphone: Upleaks

Upleaks is the primary source for this vital info about the latest budget HTC Desire Flagship device, yet to be announced officially. First of all, we have to say thanks and courtesy to Upleaks for bringing us this immense info into light. Let us get through the latest available leaked information about the upcoming HTC Desire Flagship Smartphone in depth.

HTC A50AML Smartphone:

Yes, as of now, the upcoming HTC Desire Flagship device is named as “HTC A50AML”, stated in the leak. It really looks so strange right! But, there is no doubt that, the moniker of it would get transformed as per the fashion of the age. Let’s hope for the catchier name of it. This could certainly be a budget offer from the HTC. The main reason for this anticipation is that, they have quite brilliant mobiles in the high end sections, but none in the budget category. That’s why, HTC launched their quite reasonable rated Smartphone, none other than, HTC Desire 526G+. This dual SIM Smartphone with Octa Core processor has received some good response among the HTC lovers as well as branded mobile lovers indeed.

HTC Desire Flagship Device with UltraPixel Selfie Camera:

New HTC Desire Flagship Device Specs Leaked Online Today

Advanced Ultrapixel Camera for HTC Desire Mid range mobile

As per the source available with the latest leaks, the upcoming HTC Desire Flagship Smartphone is enabled with the UltraPixel Camera at the selfie section. Another interesting feature about the same is that, the Selfie camera of the HTC A50AML Mobile is enabled with 4MP. This is quite similar to the camera associated with the latest HTC One M9 device. Getting the similar camera to the budget friendly device is quite impressive for the Smartphone lovers.

Project CM650 Longcheer Technology:

The future product of the HTC OEM maker termed “HTC A50AML” is the project codenamed as CM650, which is technically designed by Longcheer Technology. This upcoming device from the HTC maker is expected to be available in two distinctive variations. That is a basic (budget) oriented and the next is certainly premium stuff indeed. The front snapper will be the major difference between the two future products from HTC. The basic model won’t be featured with Ultrapixel camera, but certainly 13MP sensor as well.

Complete Leaked Specs of Future HTC Desire Flagship Device:

The processor is expected to be supplied by MediaTek industry and the chipset is MT6752, which is certainly an Octa Core processor. This chipset is enabled with 1.6GHz clock speed, using which you can realize the faster Smartphone experience at its best. As we spoke earlier, there could be some movement within the industry, so the chipset might get changed in the future.

As this is the future HTC Desire Flagship device, you can really expect any of the mid range processor from the Qualcomm Snapdragon family indeed. As the processor is the important stuff that determines the heating or overheating of the device, HTC will definitely aware about the criteria’s before implementing them practically.

New HTC Desire Flagship Device Specs Leaked Online Today

Midrange Smartphone from HTC

Apart from the 13MP Rear camera specifications, there is no word about the front snapper for the premium device, though it is said to have UltraPixel technology in it. But, you can really expect the 4MP camera at its best, even with the mid range Smartphone as well. In order to assist well with the Octa Core processor, this device is expected to have 2GB RAM. This would really make your multitasking as smooth as possible. Is that not enough for your multitasking?

The internal memory of the device is anticipated to have 16GB capacity and that could really be enabled with better expandable memory indeed. Another interesting leak about the future HTC Desire Flagship device is that, it will be running with the latest Android operating system without fail. As of now the Android Lollipop Version 5.1 is the latest from the Google powered Android Mobile OS. The inclusion of the HTC Sense UI will make the difference among the other Smartphone in the industry. There are no words about the releasing date and its pricing perspective as well.

Summary of Rumor Specs about Upcoming HTC Desire Flagship Device:

Processor: 1.6 GHz Clocked MediaTek MT6752 Octa-Core Processor

Operating System: Android v5.1 Lollipop OS

Rear Camera: 13MP with LED Flash, Self-timer, panorama, HDR and Full HD 1080p video recording

Front Camera: 13MP (basic model), 4MP UltraPixel (premium model)


Storage: 16 GB Internal memory, Expandable up to 32 GB

As of now, nothing is official. But the overall leaks suggest that, we could experience the mid range flagship Smartphone from HTC in the near future. Stay amazed with the world class technology news live on the go.

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