New Video Messenger from Yahoo Livetext Exclusively for iOS

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Yahoo, the most famous service provider of live or instant chat services of the 20th century era. It has been in the next version of messaging service, but now not in the form of simple text, perhaps, video! The new video messenger app from Yahoo is termed as “Livetext” and it comes with the tagline of “Feel Like Your Friends Are Right There With You”. This platform helps you to get the most natural form of video texting and making REAL conversation with your friends on the go! Perhaps, Yahoo Livetext has been launched exclusively for iOS users alone…

Unique form of Video Texting – Yahoo Livetext:

The Yahoo Livetext is certainly falling under the unique form of making video messages, and you will agree the same in the following lines. Why, because, with the help of this latest messenger from Yahoo, you can simply combine the traditional form of text messages along with your own videos (Selfies as well), without any audio services.

New Video Messenger from Yahoo Livetext Exclusively for iOS

Yahoo Livetext Enjoy the Video & No Audio

This crazy video messenger went live in the Hong Kong App Store and only iOS users in Hong Kong could make use of this latest service from Yahoo. This made up the new mode of communication platform, where you and your friends can effectively share your feelings in different sectors.

Crazy Section of Yahoo Livetext:

Though there are ample of mobile apps and dedicated desktop apps are exists for the messaging platform, Yahoo tried their best to boost up the users emotional in a distinctive way. If you are really fedup with the poor emoticons and simpler text messages, then the new Yahoo Livetext video messenger will help you a lot. You will be dealing with real faces irrespective of your typing text and its bit crazy form of Video texting indeed.

In an official statement with the TechCrunch from Yahoo’s Spokesperson, he stated that, “We’re always experimenting with new product experiences that delight our users. We have nothing further to share at this time”.

New Video Messenger from Yahoo Livetext Exclusively for iOS

Video Messenger from Yahoo Livetext Exclusively for iOS

Hope you know, Yahoo pulled out their messenger app from the Apple App store (may be due to poor number of fans) by May 2015. Just in order make the same space occupied with some crazy technique richer app for the same fans, Yahoo might plug-in this Yahoo Livetext App with iOS again.

This latest version of Yahoo Messenger app has been went up silently to the Hong Kong iOS users, where the same can be implemented on desktop and laptop versions (within the boundary).

Official Description to Yahoo Livetext:

“The advent of Smartphones led a shift towards convenience and speed. We’ve gone from communicating primarily with our voices to using our fingers to text on glass. But somewhere, along the way we lost the natural flow of conversation. Our solution is to go back to the basics, by putting your words and your friend’s real-time reactions at the center of your interaction. We’ve removed audio from the equation, as it’s rarely convenient in today’s fast-paced world,”

Bottom Line:

The Yahoo Livetext is a completely free to use app from the App Store (Hong Kong) and there is no special subscription required. You can access this app with your cellular or Wi-Fi internet services. Importantly, the most important negative aspect of this iOS app is that, you can’t have the group chat conversation! By the way, the LiveText App reads only 25.9 MB in size and available in over 15 International Languages, including Chinese, Russian, English, Arabic, and Japanese indeed.

New Video Messenger from Yahoo Livetext Exclusively for iOS

New way of Video Chats with Yahoo Livetext

According to the official reports, you need an iOS 8.0 or higher version, operating system with the compatible iPhone, iPod and iPad.

You will really enjoy if you like a video without an Audio support (but text as an alternative)!! Stay amazed and updated!

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