Nima – Portable Device for Gluten Sensing

Posted on Mar 30 2016 - 4:48pm by Devesh

Nima is a portable device. The portable sensor Nima has been developed by San Francisco-based start-up 6SensorLabs. They have developed this portable gluten sensor. Nima can do this check in a couple of minutes. Users will get the results if their food is gluten-free or not. This is where Nima can help you.


Nima Kit


Gluten:  Gluten is a protein substance that gets left behind when starch is removed from cereal grains.  It is the substance that gives dough its cohesiveness.  Many people do not know of this.  The concept of Gluten-free is relatively new.  Being healthy and gluten-free has been catching on in India recently.  There are many people that are allergic to Gluten, but don’t know the cause.

Reducing gluten from your food is not that easy. The obvious foods are beer and bread. You also have foods that are made from imitation crab and/or soy sauce. How will a person be able to ascertain that his or her food does not contain gluten?

Take these scenarios for example:

  1. You want to know whether your food is gluten-free at a restaurant, or
  2. You want to check whether a product labeled as gluten-free is actually gluten-free.


In a few months time, more allergen tests will be added to Nima. Users can think of Nima as a portable mini lab. You can take this portable mini lab with you wherever you go. 



Nima: Gluten Checking Steps


Nima Gluten Sensing Process


Users can take a small piece or bit of the food they are eating, just a pinch-full. Then, they should put it inside the provided disposable capsule. This disposable capsule contains a built-in antibody strip. Put the capsule in Nima. Nima looks like a triangular black box, and is reusable. It should take roughly two minutes to ascertain the gluten protein. Nima senses 20 parts per million of gluten. This portable device will alert users using a happy face or a sad face. You can see wither faces on the display. Users can also receive a push notification on their smartphones after the test is done.

Nima’s app will be like Yelp. Users will be able to log dishes that they have tested. They can mark the dishes safe to eat and/or warn others to not eat the dish. 

6SensorLabs has been able to ascertain that many people use Nima for testing pantry items. Pantry items such as cakes, pastries, puffs, and other food that is not labeled as gluten-free. Many people are using Nima to be on the safer side. It also help them make sure that they have made the right choice regarding the food that they are eating.



Nima: Pricing and Availability

The portable gluten sensor is currently available for preorder. People can currently pre-order this portable gluten sensor at a price of $199. It will also be available for purchase in the coming summer at a price of $249. Users will get three disposable capsules with the device. More capsule packs will be made available later on. Currently, capsules are available in packs of 12. A 12-capsule is available at a price of $48/pack.










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