Nope 2.0 – Seemingly Useless Gadget Raises $87,529!

Posted on Aug 22 2016 - 8:28am by Juwairia

Even Zuckerberg covers his webcam. So, why should you not? Hackers can anytime snap inappropriate pictures of you. Even if you are not a privacy freak, the Nope 2.0 will be useful. Usually in the traditional camera, there is a protecting cover for the lens which can be used to cover the lens of the camera when it is not used. You can use the Nope 2.0 as your smartphone camera cover.

Nope 2.0

Nope 2.0

Nope 2.0

Nope 2.0 is a small cover like device that can be used to cover the camera in smartphones, tablets and laptops. It is of a black colour so that it can easily be camouflaged with most devices. Majority of devices have black panel near the cameras. Nope 2.0 uses magnets to stick securely to the device and protect the camera lens.

Key Features

  • Secures the users privacy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used in all types of device with integrated camera.
Mark-Zuckerberg has Taped Down his Web Cam

Mark-Zuckerberg has Taped Down his Web Cam

History of Nope 2.0

In the recent times, it has been proved that hackers are very active in ruining the privacy of each individual via their personal devices. Think about this scenario. The camera in smartphone can be activated without the knowledge of the user. It can capture anything without their knowledge and send it to the hacker. It can result in big problems. In another scenario the camera can be used to track another person without his knowledge. In such cases the individual user comes under very big trouble.

This problem has given rise to the invention of this little thing which can easily be attached to any integrated camera and obstructs the view of the camera. In order to use the camera user has to physically remove this little gadget. By this way, if the smartphone or other device is hacked, the camera will be blank.

Nope 2.0 Magnet

Nope 2 Magnet

The makers of the Nope 2.0 have also mentioned something about blocking sound from devices.It is not ready yet, but may come true in the near future.


With the growing unethical practices, it is tough to use a technology and enjoy it wholly. But with Nope 2.0 one can be sure that their smartphone cameras cannot be used against them. Kickstarter has started their campaign stating that Nope 2.0 can be bought for the price of $5 once it hits the shelves.

Would you black tape your personal cameras? Why or why not? Tell us here!

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