10 Noteworthy Technology Trends to look forward in 2015

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Technology Trends to look forward in 2015

Technology Trends to look forward in 2015

There is a constant evolution of technology happening in today’s world that shows out how human race is developing with technology. Comfortable life is what all we require and to achieve it there are new developments happening in the field of science and technology.

2014 was the year that witnessed the emerging of digitized things such as interactive apps, cloud services, online paying and almost everything inclusive of products. The year saw technologies getting integrated into society thereby changing the way we live.

The New Year as approaching is to continue with this technology growth. Let’s have a look at the emerging technology trends that are to take off big in 2015.

1) Internet of Things – Connected homes:

Internet of Things - Connected homes

Internet of Things – Connected homes

The Internet of Things was the most talked topic in 2014, all thanks to Google’s I/O conference and Apple’s WWDC 2014 which brought in the smart home concept and it is believed that still more things might get added up from both leading companies with many others to join them.

Google Inc helped to mainstream IoT by acquiring Nest Labs, the smart home thermostat maker for $3.2 billion. Apple during its annual developer’s conference 2014 introduced HomeKit with the app enabling its users to connect and control things with their iPhones and iPads, be it garage doors, security cameras, lights, switches and even thermostats that can be connected and controlled through Siri.

Recent is that BlackBerry Ltd, the Ailing smartphone maker is all set to show off its future IoT plans at the upcoming Consumers Electronics Show [CES] to be held in Las Vegas in the first week of January as a benchmark for itself to grow from traditional BlackBerry products.

The expectation is that Home automation in the next year too will continue to attract new attention with big investors pouring in money to start up smartening everyday stuffs.

2) Automotive electronics:

Automotive electronics - Google's Self Driving Car

Automotive electronics – Google’s Self Driving Car

Following Internet of Things is the automotive electronics that include completely autonomous cars. It is learnt that auto makers next year plan to integrate new technologies into automobiles and that too among dashboard screens.

With Apple getting into HomeKit, Google at its I/O conference this year showcased Android Auto. Google also went on executing its capability by launching its driverless cars in 2014, the first of its kind that recently released its complete prototype to go testing on road this New Year. The time frame set by the search giant for its self driving cars to hit the market is by 2017, although it looks a bit unrealistic.

Google’s Android Auto indicates that the next version of Android is to be built into cars directly. There are yet many companies planning to invest in making the automobile industry more technical. Synaptics Inc hopes to integrate its fingerprint scanning technology seen in Samsung Electronics’s Galaxy S5 into cars for authentication and security purposes.

Endpoint Technologies founder Roger Kay dreams of a world where the car windows can act as a 360-degree screen for watching movies while on the go; of course he admits that this might take a long time of about 10 or more years to come into reality.

 3) Robots and drones:

SoftBank Corp 's Pepper

SoftBank Corp ‘s Pepper

The year 2014 saw an immense growth in robotics as well. SoftBank Corp earlier this year showed up their humanlike robot called “Pepper” that can apparently read, sense and react to human emotions.

 Meanwhile, Amazon.com Inc this year put thousands of rolling robots to work in its distribution centers which it acclaimed to have improved its production and is expected to use more of automation. Amazon also is to start up with its drone testing which is to give more scope in terms of drone regulation in the New Year.

 With the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration allowing some companies to use their drones we could expect some major shifts in this area in 2015. But something to be enticed by drone manufacturers and developers is to build more capable drones and apps that can make them multifunctional drones. So all that we can expect in 2015 is more drones in the market and robots getting more humanoid.



 4) Virtual reality:

Oculus virtual reality headset

Oculus virtual reality headset

Virtual reality is where people can completely get rid of physical world and become immersed fully in a digital dimension. This started getting importance in 2014 and is believed to become more popular in 2015. With Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc.’s CEO joining the virtual reality fans made him acquire Oculus, the virtual reality headset maker in March 2014 for $2 billion. Zuckerberg foresees virtual reality to become the future of entertainment and communication and believes it to stretch beyond what is expected.

This being it, top companies like Samsung, Google and Sony have also expressed their interest in making virtual reality a reality conjoining with Hollywood.

5) Mobile payment systems:

Apple Pay leading Mobile payment system

Apple Pay leading Mobile payment system

Mobile payment systems also referred as e-Wallets or digital wallets is a technology part that wards off the need for physical cash. With this system making payments is turning out to be simple that can be executed via smartphones.

Making online, in-store payments and money transfers can be done with mobile payment systems that need the downloading of an app on to smartphones and then linking the app account with the user’s bank account or with credit/debit card is required.  

With Apple Pay doing well in the market the mobile payment systems is in growing popularity and other than Apple Pay some of the popular mobile payment systems include PayPal, Google Wallet, Square Wallet and LevelUp. Currently majority of this system are only available in the US and is expected to roll out to other parts of the world in coming years.

6) On-demand apps:

On-demand apps - Foodpanda

On-demand apps – foodpanda

There are several apps available in the market but what 2014 saw growing in a fast lane are the other on-demand apps that turned out in becoming real life savers. Many on-demand apps helping in urgent ride back home and delivering meals in no time started fascinating users.

So in 2015 it can be expected for these on-demand services to expand in their approach like them getting into on-demand beauty services, hotel room reservations and of course even in emergency health services.

7) Wearables:

Wearables - SmartWatches and Bands

Wearables – SmartWatches and Bands

After smartphones it is wearables where all top phone makers are indulging themselves into. It is been reported that in Q3 2014 about 5 million smart and fundamental wearable bands have been shipped and with Android Wear devices making way into the market the total unit shipments have increased by 37 percent every quarter.

Leading all Android Wear devices successfully is the Motorola Mobility’s Moto 360. Google in this segment has given its Google Glass way back in 2012 but with sputtering market. Today there are many number of high-tech fitness bands like FitBit that is more popular in tracking calories of its user but Apple Inc and Sony Corp are planning 2015 to have wearable waves.

With Apple’s much-anticipated Apple Watch that is to go on sales next year beginning, the Wearables market is expected to see a strong growth. But how well users determine if this is not the solution they want is again a matter to concern as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear did not make it up well in the market.

8) Affordable 3D printing:



3D printing is printing of three dimensional hard objects from a digital file and this trend is for sure anticipated to grow vastly from 2015 onwards. Printing out in-demand real-world objects is to become easier and applicable in 2015. As reported by Canalys, about 33000 3D printers got shipped in Q3 of 2014.

This year lot of talks happened with regards to 3D printing. Recently an International Space Station astronaut used a 3-D printer for making socket wrench in space and also a 3D printed leg helped one dog called Derby to run for the first time. So growth is expected in this field expect for the high prices involved but as report suggest 3D printer prices have started to fall considering its growth in consumer markets.

3-D printing manufacturers are expected to introduce smaller, faster and more affordable 3-D printing machines that can get anything from organs to food printed.

9) WebRTC:

WebRTC-compatible Wire app

WebRTC-compatible Wire app

Media streaming is growing in a fast pace with most of its activity being carried on smartphones the need arises for quick load times in videos and so without compromising on its quality. Here comes WebRTC to fulfill this need.

WebRTC is a free browser-based technology helping in providing seamless audio and video services. It without gulping too much network’s bandwidth allows faster and lag-free loading of music, games, videos and many more. Currently this system powers Amazon’s Mayday services and Google Hangouts.

In future it is expected for WebRTC to power many mobile apps. Wire, a voice and chat messaging app from Skype’s co-founder Janus Friis also uses WebRTC.

10) Cloud Computing:

Google cloud messaging

Google cloud messaging

Cloud Computing is allowing centralized data storage giving access to computers. It gets classified as private, public or hybrid. Basically cloud computing is to store data online and to access it whenever needed.

As reported by IDC, this segment is growing faster and is expected to grow in the coming years.

Google, Microsoft (had a profit rise with the help of cloud computing), HP and many major tech companies are investing in this segment that is to grow continuously in the following years.

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