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Posted on Jul 22 2015 - 9:13pm by Aparna
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Dropbox is an excellent app which helps us share a huge amount of data, be it documents, videos, or pictures. Recently, this app has gone through many changes so that it can suit both Android and iOS. Many updates are available for Dropbox which will help the customers to experience newer features. This will also help the customers to highly collaborate their experiences and the new features which come along.

Dropbox has come up with the latest version 3.0.1 which has a new feature of adding comments to each file. This will help you co-ordinate with the other users in a better way as all will be working on the same document. Also, when you are writing a comment, you can tag people in it by mentioning their name as @name. This newly added feature was introduced in desktop view from April this year.

Dropbox-Update- There are many other benefits of using Dropbox on a regular basis. You can include native gif previews in it. Earlier, people had no option other than using gif from third party apps to view videos and photos. But now, with new features coming up in Dropbox, it has its own gif preview facility available. Moreover, these features solve all the issues related to fixing bugs and improving the overall performance of the app for a better and secured use. This will add to the simplicity and usability of the app. When you are updating Dropbox, you will find it that its updated version is visible for Android in the Google play section of your cell phone. It is expected that this app will reach iOS in coming months.

Since the invention of this app, it has been in huge demand. People find it easy to share and transfer photos. People staying overseas can share and discus on the same thing with the facility of comments. Thus, Dropbox has bought people closer and tech-savvy people are surely in love with this app. The firm was of the conclusion that till last month, more than 400 million people have registered on this app. This number has been achieved in the duration of eight years only. However, this app, which was originally launched by US, is not very sure about how many people use it on a monthly basis.



In May, 2015, Dropbox came up with an idea of making it a universal app which can be used in the Windows version. This will make it easier for Windows users as they can download the app from Windows too. Now, you can also generate and share files and folders using this app on Windows 8.1. Moreover, keyboard shortcuts are an added feature over there to search and select data. Thus, now you can upload any kind of data other than photos. Not to forget, downloading directly to your SD card will not be a tough task any more.

People who rely on Dropbox for many of their work are really glad that it has gone through such a positive change.

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