Apple Watch Charged At All Times with This New Watch Band

Posted on Jan 12 2016 - 6:39pm by Aparna
 MagSafe dock

Apple 5s with MagSafe dock

Apple has always been the first choice for people who are crazy for phones, tablets and gadgets. But, many a times, the charging capacity of these gadgets ( Apple Watch ) is quite low. You have to worry half of the time about charging it or otherwise worry about its depleting battery. Other than this, another condition imposed on Apple gadgets is that they can be charged using on the MagSafe dock which comes with the product. This is again tiresome, as you cannot use any other spare charger to get things done.

Talking about the dock, it becomes indeed hard to charge the gadget, mainly when you are on a certain journey or don’t have much time at home to charge things. The lowered battery makes everything tough. Thus, to put an end to all the issues related to charging, we have come up with a product named the PRIME Strap which will solve all your problems related to the charging.

Apple Watch PRIME Strap



Talking in detail about the new PRIME Strap, it is basically a metal band which has a huge charging capacity. This can be gauged from the fact that it holds two batteries each of value 150 milliamp-hour (mAh). Other than this, this can be used anytime and anywhere as per your wish and this gadget will recharge your Apple Watch approximately about 1.3 times of its original capacity. This is obvious from the fact that the Apple watch has a 205 mAh battery. You can see this value given on the gadget. You will also come to know about the battery status when you are using the device.

It was Brilletark, which is the greatest mind behind this invention. They have come up with this band after a deep research in this domain. They say that this gadget is all about supplying power to the Apple Watch making use of the six pin port which is present inside the slot from where the band goes in. But, talking about the band, it is not the latest or the main mode of charging your device. It is only that regular Apple users have come up with this method of charging their gadgets at a faster rate and thus use it for hours to count.

You also have a provision with the charging band which allows you to place all the batteries into a round mobile power band. This will virtually turn them into a mini battery pack which can be thus, used for charging your iPhone. This can be then easily done using the retractable Lightning cable. These kinds of cables used for charging are always good and portable as well.

Brilletark PRIME

Now Keep Your Apple Watch Charged At All Times with This New Watch Band

Brilletark is a huge company which has invested in many domains and is working more in this direction. They have huge plans when it comes to power bands. They have planned to deliver them by the month of July next year. This band will be made available in the stainless steel version. They will also be there in the aluminum alloy type. Moreover, they will perfectly fit into the 38mm and 42 mm Apple Watch. You don’t have to worry much about the price as it has been set to a normal rate of $239.

There are many talks on this upcoming product. Some of them are in its favor while others says that it is bulky and can be quite heavy for carrying it to places. Moreover, it is hardly near to being stylish or portable. So it’s best to see how it works out when it is launched in the market.

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